Saturday, April 17, 2010

Abercombie and Fitch: Sexy Summer Dresses

Besides Forever 21 and H&M, I also love going to Abercrombie and Fitch and browsing through their cute clothes. I admit that some of their clothes are a little overpriced but sometimes, if you have the patience, you'll find something really nice for a good price.

In my previous post, I talked about cute and affordable swimsuits from Forever 21. So when I visited Abercrombie's website for some online shopping, I saw these cute and sexy summer dresses.

Annabel Dress: $68

Tristen Dress: $48

Veronica Dress: $60

Michelle Dress: $38

Lara Dress: $68

Megan Dress: $78

Tristen Dress: $68

Molly Dress: $68

Mckenna Dress: $68

I know they may cost a little over a person's budget for a summer dress but they're really really nice and cute. They have different prints and styles, and notice how they're have girl names. I found that really adorable:D

Here's another one that I really loved. It only comes in one color but it's really nice and perfect for summertime. I love how the pink plaid skirt goes really well with the navy blue lacy spaghetti straps top.

Kirstie Dress: $78

Don't you just love summer dresses? What do you think?

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  1. loooove summer dresses, I'm getting a bunch of new ones for summer! I find that Target actually has a ton of adorable ones. At least they did the other month, I was shocked, I was at a Target to get, like, dish soap, and as I was walking to get what I wanted I saw a rack of dresses and was like, wait, what? This is a Target. But those are cuteness.
    I got two, they were adorable and like $25/each.

  2. wholly smokes! i want just about every single one! :*( will definitely check these out tho :D thanks for the post!

  3. Lovely dresses for summer!!!Love the pictures and the dresse!So comfy for summer!

  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:D This post is heaven to me!!!:D

    Love love love A&F!:D

    Loving this post, Carrie!:D Keep on posting fashion entries!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  5. Wow so many dressed to choose from. It's hard to choose.

  6. @slendidem: hahha. omg, yeah. i love going to target. they sell really cute clothes there. and they're really cheap too which is a big plus:D

    @Alyssamae: hahha. exactly what i though when i saw these. haha. you're welcome.

    @lovelyviolet5: yesh. thanks for stopping by:DD

    @Marie: hahha. i'm glad. and i sure will. thanks for commenting.

    @Ms. Chyme: haha. i know, right?

  7. I love the megan and tristen dresses :) I actually have a dress from Urban that is identical to the plaid michelle one, weird!


  8. @Ariel: me too. they're all so cute. haha. really? that's pretty cool.

  9. OMG!!!! These dresses look sooo soo CUTE<3 I love it!!! yup summer is coming and I am ready to get tanned!!! I especially like the tristen dress in HOTPINK and also Veronica Dress in both color!!!

  10. ALL of these dresses are SO cute. I adore the Tristen dress in the pink. Wow !

  11. All of those dresses are ridiculously cute. The Lara and Mckenna are my faves... I'm definitely ready to bare my legs this summer!

  12. Oh gooooodness.. The white dress is so adorable. I want it! Also I love the blue plaid dress. Oh, how I love summer! Can't wait to go shopping :)

  13. I've given you an award :D
    check it out

    Amy Jessica

  14. I love those dresses, but well... they are a bit pricey. It's sometimes wise to spend a little bit more on a better quality though, isn't it? x

  15. I adore the Michelle and Kirstie dresses!

  16. I love Abercrombie&Fitch's new style! it's summery and cute and bright and fun, a total breathe of fresh air from the dowdy normal jeans and tanktops!!! I own 18 summer dresses, 10 formal dresses, and 5 bathing-suit cover ups. i LOVE dresses!

  17. If there was an Abercrombie and Fitch near me I would have literally no money left, I love everything! They're all beautiful :)

  18. @OJlife: haha. i knooww. time to hit the beach:D

    @Disguise: wow, that one's very popular. everybody loves it.

    @Melanie: i loove the Mckenna dresses too.

    @Sulora: i know, right? it's my 2nd favorite season next to spring:D we can dress however we want. yay!

    @Amy Jessica: aww, thank you so much. that's really sweet.

    @Rocaille: exactly what i thought. they'll last you for at least a very long time:D

    @Projectvee: :DD

    @Jo: i love the Kirstie dress:)

    @Kakes: hahah. wow. 18. i don't really know how much i own but i really really love dresses.

    @Samantha: hahha. you just made me laugh:D

  19. love the veronica & the lara!!

  20. Too many cute dresses in one post!

  21. Love these dresses! So cute! And thanks so much for the award!!! have a great day :)

  22. @Tara: they're really nice and cute, right? i mean even though they're a little bit overpriced:D

    @Jorth: hahha. this made me laugh:DD

    @Paige: you're welcome. i hope you have a great day too.

  23. Very cute dresses! They are really girly, which I like. =]

  24. i love love love summer dresses. i've collected quite a few for the summer. :)

  25. I love dresses! :)
    I just think they are so cute and comfy!
    I love floral prints! :)
    great post!

    btw I tagged you.
    check it out on my blog! :)

  26. Hey, i've nominated you for an award, check it out! xx

  27. @Leenda: haha. we ladies loves girly:D

    @Mimi: i'm sure they're all very cute.

    @Breee: thank you.

    @Lisa: aww, thanks:)

  28. I love the midnight blue Megan dress. I might actually be planning a little trip to Abercrombie very soon. Thanks for sharing this, I would've never known about this otherwise!

    -Marie @

  29. amazing dresses :) nice selection!

    beijo *

  30. Oh wow, I haven't shopped at A&F since high school, but I LOVE these little dresses!! I might need to add one to my wardrobe, for old times sake ;)


  31. Rafaela: i definitely agree:D

    @Eurotrip: you're welcome. i hope you find what you're looking for.

    @Filipa: thank you.

    @Meg: hahha. good luck:)

  32. The white Annabel Dress and both Veronica Dress are my fav out of the bunch.