Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet

2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

Sunday, August 28, 2011.

Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles.

I decided not to make a LOVE IT/HATE IT post for this award
show just because there wasn't any particular ones that I either loved or hated.
(They also didn't release that much red carpet pictures.)

Anyways, I'm going to start off with the ones that I liked.
I hope you guys like it as well. :]


Beyonce Knowles

She look absolutely beautitful. And she's glowing.
She's having her first child. I'm happy for her.


Demi Lovato

Way better than TCA. Love the metallic theme.


And LOOK. They're talking again.
I really hope they stay best friends despite of what happened.


Katie Holmes

She looks young and fresh.
Not trying hard. It's just right.


Zoe Saldana

FINALLY! I always knew I loved her style. ;]


Kim Kardashian

Typical "Kim" look.


Sammy "Sweetheart"

She actually looks really pretty.
Very simple. I love that she kept her dress the center of attention.

Now these are the ensembles that I was a bit "ehh" about.
Let me know if you agree or disagree.



I think her dress is very ill-fitting.
But her performance was wonderful.


Britney Spears

Too casual?



She looks like a pinata.
Not very flattering.


Katy Perry

WHAT?! Ayayayay.


Miley Cyrus

I don't like it at all. And what's up with her jewelry picks?


Nicki Minaj

Expect it!


Selena Gomez

I REEEEAAAALLY DO NOT LIKE HER. She looks like a vampire.
I swear, she's like obssessed with half dresses.

Let's check out a couple of the guysss...


Taylor Lautner

Loving the scruff. <3


Justin Bieber

Although I don't have the Bieber fever as much as before, I still DO like him.
But the Snake? Really? So last yearrrr. Tsktsk.

Who was your fave and not so fave celeb on the red carpet?! Do you agree/disagree?

My giveaway ended on the 21st. I'm really sorry that it's taking me forever to announce who the winner is. But before anything else, I would like to thank EVERYONE who participated. It really meant a lot especially that it was for a good cause.
I'm having another giveaway really soon so please check back on that one. :D

So here it goes...

The winner of the GIVE-JEWELRY feather earrings giveaway is Emma! CONGRATULATIONS! You will be getting an email from me soon. :)

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Everyday Makeup Series: Benefit Gilded Highlighting Pencil

Next up on the list is the Benefit Gilded!


Benefit's Gilded Highlighting Pencil.

I don't like to wear eyeshadow to school so I use this eyeliner pencil instead.
I love using this in the inner corners of my eyes.
It makes me look wide awake and fresh. This really helps me especially when I just pulled an all-nighter.

It goes on nicely. Extremely easy to apply and very spreadable.
You can use this pretty much on your whole face -- eyes, cheeks, and lips.


It has a gold, bronze shimmery color.
Its consistency is somewhat creamy which I like.
It makes it easy to apply.

I can spread it all over my eye lids as an eyeshadow, apply it on my tear duct, spread it all over my cheeks, or use it for a little bit of sparkle for my lips along with a light colored lipgloss


This is what it looks like when it you semi-spread it.
When you use it as an eyeshadow, this is what it looks like.


If you decide to use it on your cheeks or lips, this is what it should look like.
Just to add a bit of a sparkle.


This is great for summer.
The contrast against tan skin looks really pretty.
It is a little bit on the pricey side, but it's definitely worth it.
A little goes a long way so this pencil will last you for a long time.

Have you tried Benefit's Gilded Highlighting Pencil? How did you like it?

The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy."
~Yves Saint-Laurent

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let's read: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

I know, I know. Harry Potter is over now.
But I'm reading the whole series and I'm currently in the 6th one. :D

Which book are you reading right now?

You dare use my own spells against me, Potter? It was I who invented them — I, the Half-Blood Prince!

~Severus Snape

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Lip Combo: NYX Watermelon Lip Balm & Smashbox Baby Pout

So my next few posts are going to be about my everyday makeup routine.
I hope that's fine with you guys.
I'll make it really interesting.
P R O M I S E! :D


The first one on the list is
NYX Watermelon lip balm &
Smashbox Baby Pout

This is the lip combination that I love to use for my everyday makeup.
Together, they make a very light and feminine color.


NYX Watermelon Fruit Lip Balm

I apply this first on my lips before my lipgloss. I use it as a base.
It comes in a mini plastic pot with a metal screw-on cap.
It's travel-sized, so it's easy for me to just stick it in my makeup bag to bring to school.

Its texture is a bit dry and waxy so it tends to be a bit difficult to apply.
I usually just use my clean fingers but you can also use a lip brush if you prefer.
As a lipbalm, it works great.
It stays on the whole day and I usually don't need to reapply unless I eat a heavy lunch.

It doesn't exactly taste like watermelon but it does have a light fruity smell. And the color is very sheer.


Smashbox Baby Pout

After I apply my NYX lip balm, I top it with my Smashbox lipgloss.
This my current favorite because it's a very pretty shade of pink.
The color is perfect for my skin tone and it doesn't wash me out.
It's a light pink color, close to being nude.
It has bits of sparkle which will make your lips shine even more.

The smell is sort of a mix of mocha and cotton candy. It smells great!
It's not oily nor sticky.
Its consistency is very light, definitely not heavy on your lips.


The one on the left is the Smashbox Baby Pout.
As you can see, it has a very light pink color.

The one on the right is the NYX Watermelon Lip balm.
It's just clear - colorless.

I LOVE combining them. It looks very prim and proper.


What's your everyday lip color? Do you like to combine lip products as well?

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
~Judy Garland

YouTube: B-e-a-utiful -- Megan Nicole

I wanna be blown away.
I wanna be swept off my feet.
I wanna
meet the one who makes
it hard for me to breathe.
I wanna be lost in love.
I wanna be your dream come true.
I wanna
be scared of how strong
I feel for you.

Just call me me beautiful,
call me beautiful,
call me beautiful,
call me B-E-A-UTIFUL.

Isn't this song so cute?! I'm completely obsessed with it.

Hope you liked the song. :D

My lips just want to be kissed by you.
~Megan Nicole

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Product Review: Eden Allure Argan Oil

Having dry damaged hair is something I really hate.
That is why I try my best not to put any kind of heat on my hair.
(Unless it's a special occassion. )

I also try not to wash my hair every single day. People always say it's very unhealthy to wash it everyday. But being a teenager, I sweat A LOT!
So I don't really have a choice but to take a shower. :/

This is where the Eden Allure Argan Oil
comes in.


Eden Allure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

For women of all ages (and men who take extra pride in their hair). Use our organic Argan oil to restore shine and softness to dull lifeless hair, and strengthen brittle hair. The Vitamin F (Omega 6) nourishes the scalp alleviating itchy and dry scalps.

My sister recommended this to me.
She has been using it for a while now and she said that it works really great, so my mom bought it for me to try.

I usually use the Argan oil after I shower.
I apply at least 1 1/2 pumps of oil to the lower half area of my damp, towel dried hair.
After it dries completely, my hair feels very soft and silky.

It definitely does not weigh your hair down. You won't lose any volume just by applying this.

It works instantly. I saw a difference in my hair after 3-4 days of using it.
I also use this on dry hair sometimes. When my hair feels very brittle, I apply 1 pump of Argan Oil and it smoothens it out immediately.


I am very impressed with the packaging.
It's travel-sized so you can definitely take it with you anywhere you go.
It has a pump for easy application. 1 pump goes a long way.
If your hair is really long and thick (like mine), 1-2 pumps will do.


The oil is clear.
It does have an extremely light smell that it's more on the non-existent side.
It doesn't smell like roses but it doesn't smell too bad either.
I have no problem with it whatsoever.
Sometimes, it does get a little bit too oily so make sure that you measure how much you need.


I know that there are a lot of othThis is a very versatile product.
Not only can you use it for your hair, but you can also use it for your skin AND nails.
It can act as a moisturizer to replenish dry skin and it also helps diminish wrinkles and crows feet!

It helps soften up your cuticles and it makes your nails stronger and more firm.
A 3-in-1 product! Could it get any better?!

er argan oil brands that I can try but Eden Allure is definitely one that works for me.
And now that I'm almost done with this bottle, I'm looking for a new one to test.

Any recommendations? :D

Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. But a confident bald man - there's your diamond in the rough.
~Larry David

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let's relax: By the beach

Wouldn't it be nice...

Photobucket soak up the sun in a beach this BEAUTIFUL. spend afternoon in the warm white sand.

Photobucket wake up to this breathtaking scenery every morning. feel the ocean breeze and smell the fresh air.

Photobucket drink this on a blazing afternoon. taste its yummy sweetness.

Yes, it would be nice to escape our busy lives and relax under the sun in paradise.

I hope you guys found this at least a little bit relaxing.

Every beloved object is the center point of a paradise.


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Monday, August 15, 2011

Polyvore: Last First Day of High School!

Today was the first day of my last year in high school.
Wow, I can't believe I'm finally a senior. It's crazy.
It seriously feels like my first day of freshman year was just yesterday.
Now, I'm going to graduate in 9 months.

Anyways, I wanted to show you guys what I wore for the first day of school.
Since it's the last time I'm going to have a first day in high school, I wanted to look really nice and put together.

First Day of School outfit

I went with a girly outfit.
I paired a plain tee with floral shorts. Then I added a brown belt.
I accessorized it with a simple gold necklace and a couple of gold rings.
Then I wore my brown gladiator shoes with it.

First Day of High School -- My Brother

My brother is a freshman and it was his very first day of high school today.
Of course, he acted all cool but I knew that he was a tad bit nervous.

He kept his outfit laidback and comfortable since he's going to be running around the whole school. ;]

Have a great Monday! :D

It is hard to convince a high-school student that he will encounter a lot of problems more difficult than those of algebra and geometry.

~Edward W. Howe

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Mail! Mail! Mail! & Blog Links


This always makes my day! :D

Don't you just love recieving packages in the mail?!

Check out my previous posts!

Have you ever shopped at Tilly's? Click
here to read the catalog.


Did you watch the 2011 Teen Choice Awards? Click
here to read my Blue Carpet LOVE IT post.


here to read my Blue Carpet HATE IT post.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shopping Spotlight: Tilly's


is literally a store for EVERYONE!
They carry everything for girls, boys, men, and women.

I actually worked at Tilly's for 5 months. It was quite an experience.
It was my first time working at a clothing store so I didn't know what to expect.
Surprisingly, it turned out really well. NOW, I know how employees feel when a customer is constantly ruining your newly folded tees and your equal distanced hangers. :/


I LOOOOOVE getting catalogs in the mail.
It's fun to look through them and see their new arrivals.


Left page:

1.) Full Tilt Leopard Hi-Lo Cardigan (first model on the left). $22.99

2.) Sam & Jeffrey Distressed Boots (first model on the left). $39.99

3.) Full Tilt Lace Back Animal Screen Top (3rd model on the bottom right side). $24.99.

Right Page:

1.) Full Tilt Leopard Cardigan (first model). $24.99.


Left page:

1.) Full Tilt All Over Lace Tank (first model). $17.99.

2.) De Blossom Open Hood Braided Thongs (first model). $19.99.

3.) Full Tilt Paisley Poncho (second model). $24.99.

4.) De Blossom Double Wrap Boots (second model). $39.99.

Right Page:

1.) Full Tilt Scarf Belted Tube Top (first model in the big picture). $18.99.

2.) Full Tilt Double Bubble Skirt (second moedel in the big picture). $22.99.


Left Page:

1.) Full Tilt Abstract Ruffle Romper (model in the big picture). $24.99.


Left page:

1.) Full Tilt Abstract Dress

Right Page:

Cocktail rings.




My brother liked their men's line as well.
He wants new jeans for the coming school year, so I'll be bringing him to Tilly's soon.

They also have a variety of hat choices, as you can see! Boys love hats these days. ;]

Have you ever shopped at Tilly's?

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

~Tammy Faye Bakker

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