Saturday, April 27, 2013

Currently Wanting: Tory Burch Flats

So lately, I've been really into wearing flats. 
There's just something very sophisticated about it.
However, I've noticed that all that flats that I own are in bright colors.
Hence, my current want for a pair of black and nude TORY BURCH flats.

I need THIS...

Current Image
classic REVA BALLET FLAT - $225.00

and THIS in my life...

Current Image

Agghhh, they're so beautiful! I really want them!!! Haha. 
I love to dress up in lots of colors, so my clothes usually has a lot going on.
Having a pair of black and nude flats to tone it down a bit will come in handy.

Do you guys own a pair of Tory Burch flats? How do you like it? Are they comfortable?

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Friday, April 19, 2013 I Hear The Church Bells A-Ringing

Happy Friday!!!
Last week was such a stressful week for me, so I'm so happy that this week was pretty calm and mellow.
I didn't have that much school work due, so I was able to relax a little bit. 
Also, I want to apologize to you guys for my lack of posts lately. 
I promise you guys I try really hard to blog as much as I can. :D

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always dreamt about getting married to a handsome prince. 
I would daydream about me wearing a big puffy dress and eating a HUGE yummy cake. Haha.
Lately, I've been seeing so many of my fellow bloggers tie the knot. It's so exciting right?!?
I also know many of you guys are busy planning for the BIG day, so I wanted to help out a little bit by giving you ideas, in terms of wedding and bridesmaid dresses. :)

eFoxcity offers a variety of popular wedding dresses.
Not only are they super affordable, but they are also extremely beautiful!


My favorite is the 2nd one. It's simple but still really elegant.

Whether you have one color scheme for your bridesmaid dresses or you're choosing to mix and match, these cheap evening dresses are great...


These dresses are so beautiful!!! I love the hunter green color.

It's the month of April, let the PROM season begin!!! Here are some great discount prom dresses for some of my high school readers...


I wore a glittery navy blue open back dress to my senior prom. It was definitely a night to remember. :)

I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to all of my fellow bloggers who tied the knot this past year and also to the those who are about to!!!
I wish you guys a forever filled with love and happiness. :D 

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Let's Journey Into Fashion: White Skinnies for Spring

Happy Friday, everyone!!!
Spring break's over for me this week. :/ 
So, I'm definitely going to make the most out of this weekend because I'll be back in the library next week.

Do you guys remember my previous Let's Journey Into Fashion post?
I showed you an outfit wearing my taupe fringe sleeves top from LJIF.
For today's post, I will be showing you guys the second item that Yassy sent me: WHITE SKINNIES! 


Perfect length.
Perfect fit.
Fairly comfortable.
Easy to move around in.
Has 2 front & back pockets.
Could be a little more stretchy.
Gathers lint easily.

There was a time (I believe I was a sophomore in high school) when I was on a serious hunt for the perfect white skinny jeans.
In every store that I went into, my eyes scoured the whole place for white skinnies.
I think I bought a pair from The Gap, but I rarely wore it because it didn't fit me right. It's been sitting in my closet for who knows how long. Haha.
That's why I was super excited when I received a pair from Let's Journey Into Fashion.

These skinnies are a perfect fit!
I would like it to be a little more stretchy, but either way, it's still really easy to move around in.
I'm a pretty tall girl, so you can't imagine how excited I was to see that it was the perfect length!!!
Usually, jeans are either too short or too long for me.
The material gathers a lot of lint, so I take a mini lint remover with me all the time.
The one thing I love about white skinny jeans is that you can wear it with absolutely anything and it will still look cute. 

For this outfit, I wore my Forever 21 Hi-Low Hello Kitty button up shirt.
They were having a buy one, get one free promo for their Hello Kitty line, so I couldn't pass it up. Haha.
I'm a big Hello Kitty fan, so I really love this top.

For my shoes, I wore my super comfy CitySlips.
I LOOOOOOOOVE these flats. 
I want to buy a gazillion of these because they are so comfortable.
They're sturdy too. I've had mine for a couple of years now and they're still in good condition.
I know, you're suppose to wear these when you're feet starts to hurt in heels, but I rarely wear heels, so I just use them as regular flats. :)

You guys know how much I love to accessorize.
I wore my Forever 21 clip-on earrings. These are so cute, but they get really uncomfortable after a while. :/
I also wore my LOVE necklace from an etsy shop called Lemon Sweet by Leslie Hall.
For my arm candy, I have on my white Geneva watch, Ralph Lauren bracelet, orange leather wrap bracelet, pink and gold bangles, and a teal beaded bracelet. 

Forever 21 Hello Kitty top | LJIF white skinny jeans | CitySlips gold flats | Forever 21 emerald clip-on earrings | Lemon Sweet LOVE necklace | Geneva watch | Ralph Lauren bracelet | Orange leather wrap bracelet | Pink & gold bangles | Teal beaded bracelet

On my nails:

- Kleancolor Nail Lacquer in Matte finish "Winter Waltz"
- Milani's "Black Magic"  
- Sinful Colors's "Flower Girl" glitter nail art

What is the newest addition to your wardrobe? What's your Spring must have?

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