Thursday, September 30, 2010

Katy Perry's Sesame Street Issue

I was watching TMZ yesterday with my brother and there was this issue about Katy Perry showing way too much cleavage while singing a duet with little Elmo on Sesame Street!

Apparently, parents were offended! Hmm, i don't know what to say.

See for yourself...

I personally don't think she's showing that much. I've seen worse!

But then again, I'm not a parent.

I don't have kids so I don't really know how they feel!

**I also have a review and giveaway coming up sponsored by another lovely blogger. It's a surprise!

What's your opinion? Is she showing way too much?!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Forever 21: Picture Perfect Fall Line

Well ladies, we are officially in the fall season! It's time to bring out the scarves and boots.

Quick update...School's been really good. I'm kinda struggling in chemistry but so far, so good. I also started work on Tuesday. I work at this clothing store named Tilly's. I'm still in training but I'll eventually get the hang of it!

So anyways, I wanted to share with you guys Forever 21's new fall fashion line. I picked out the things that caught my eye! But be sure to go check it out. :D


Don't you just love fall?!


Chantilly Lace top



Sassy Kimono Shirt



Ruffled Tuxedo Top



Relaxed Knit Top



All-A-Flutter Silk Chiffon Top



Lightweight Cardigan



Slub Open Cardigan



Draped Open Cardigan



Biker Inspired Jacket



Bow Fedora



Open Knit Scarf



Rectangler Leatherette Bag


What do you guys think? Are you excited for the fall season?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Disney's New Mickey Video Game

Check this out! It's a trailer of the up and coming Disney vidoegame:)

This is going to be epic!

I don't know about you but I kinda want to play it. haha.

It makes me feel like a little girl all over again:D

Any thoughts?!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Polyvore: Homecoming Ensemble

Hi Guys! Thank God it's friday today! I have tons of homework but that can wait till tomorrow. haha. Oh and guess what? I start work next week! I'm not entirely sure where I'll be working but I'll let you guys know on Tuesday! :D

But first, I want to ask you guys for your opinion. My school's homecoming dance is on October 23, and I'm not really sure which look I want to go for. Our theme is "Mardi Gras: Under the Stars." Sounds cool, eh?

So I made a few Polyvore ensembles for you guys! Let me know which you like the best!

Ensemble #1

Homecoming #1


Ensemble #2

Homecoming #2

Glittery Gold!

Ensemble #3
Homecoming #3

A pop of red!

It's a really tough choice. HELP ME!

Which one do you like the best? Any suggestions?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

2010 VMA Favorites.

I look forward to award shows! I love them. They're just really fun to watch. I'm pretty sure you guys love them too!

So, for today's post, I'm gonna be showing you guys my favorites from MTV's Video Music Awards 2010 that aired last Sunday:D


Ashley Greene


Audrina Patridge


Coco Rocha


Florence Welch


Victoria Justice


Miranda Cosgrove


Maira Menounos


Karina Smirnoff


Selena Gomez


Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth.


and of course, gotta love Lady Gaga!

My most favorite out of all of these faves would be Audrina's and Stephanie's look! But they all look absolutely gorgeous. :D

What about you? Who's your fave fashionista?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This or That Tag!

I was tagged by LinLin and Bree to this tag:D Make sure to go and check out her blog!

Let's get started shall we...


blusher or bronzer - mmm, blusher
lip gloss or lip stick - lipstick
eye liner or mascara - mascara
foudation or concealer - concealer, straight up
neutral or colour eye shadow - i'm gonna have to with neutral
pressed or loose eye shadow - pressed, forsure.
brushes or sponges - brushes


opi or china glaze - I haven't tried china glaze, so I'd say OPI.
long or short - definitely short!
acrylic or natural - natural
brights or darks - uhm, darks


perfume or body splash - perfume
lotion or body butter - body butter
body wash or soap - body wash
lush or other bath company - lush


jeans or sweat pants - jeans
long sleeve or short - short
dresses or skirts - dresses
stripes or plaid - plaid
flip flops or sandals - sandals
scarves or hats - scarves
studs or dangly earrings - I don't really wear earrings but I'd choose studs.
necklaces or bracelets - necklaces
heels or flats - flats
cowboy boots or riding boots - riding boots
jacket or hoodie - hoodie


curly or straight - i like my hair when it's curly.
bun or ponytail - (messy) bun
bobby pins or butterfly clips - butterfly clips sounds really cute. :)
hair spray or gel - hairspray
long or short - long
light or dark - dark :)
side sweep bands or full bands - sideswept, all the way
up or down - I prefer it down.


rain or shine - shine. rain when i'm just in the house.
summer or winter - winter :)
autumn or spring - i love spring.
chocolate or vanilla - CHOCOLATE!

I am tagging:



Have a lovely weekend!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Upcoming posts & Blog links

Hey guys! It's Sunday again and another week has passed.

Isn't it crazy how time goes by so freaking fast?! Next thing we know, it's going to be Christmas already, and then it's the year 2011.

Since it's Sunday, I'm not going to be posting about anything in particular. Just a couple of updates and then some blog links to my recent posts:D

The VMA's is tonight, so tomorrow, I'm going to be posting some of my favorite looks from different stars.

I also have a few tags to pass on to my fellow bloggers, so watch out for that:D

And now, in case you missed it:


To check out my Old Navy post, click here.

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To check out my City Slips post, click here.

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Store Tour: Old Navy


Old Navy is the perfect store to go to when shopping for school outfits. It offers a variety of clothes in a reasonable price. It may be pricier than forever 21 and H&M but the quality of their clothes is better.

My family and I have been shopping at Old Navy ever since. WE absolutely LOVE IT!


These mannequins are the first thing that you will see when you enter Old Navy. I really like their football shirts!

Have you guys seen those commercials when the mannequins are talking to each other about boy problems? hahaha.


This is a part of the women's section.


Look how cute that red coat is. And those oxford shirts. They are definitely in this season.


They also sell tons of cute scarves. Fall is finally here and everyone's going to need alot of scarves to spice up their outfits. :D


I've been wanting cowboy boots for a while now. I went to Texas earlier this year with my family, but unfortunately I wasn't able to find a pair. But I saw these yesterday, and I loved them.

They also have alot of cute sandals.


Halloween is coming up so they're selling kid's costumes. Aren't these cute?


We have no baby in our family anymore. D: But I find these tiny costumes adorable. haha. It's a little giraffe!


This is the clearance section. They have a promo going on right now where the clothes that are already on sale will be extra 30% off. So you can actually buy them for $5-$10.

Good deal, right?


These are some of the clothes on sale.


They also have a men's and boy's section. My brother definitely enjoyed shopping here. I think it's one of his favorite store aside from Urban Outfitters and Heritage. haha.

It's the perfect store for a family of 7 people. haha. Shopping at Old Navy is like hitting the jackpot for my family because we all get to buy everything we want.

Everytime we enter Old Navy, we split up automatically. My mom, my sisters, and I would go straight to the women's section while my dad and my brother would go to the men's section. haha.

What do you think? Have you ever shopped at Old Navy? How did you like it?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Karate Kid

I recently just got to watching Karate Kid with my sister. I know it's pretty late since it came out on June 11. But it's Labor Day weekend and we were both free, so we decided to go to the movies.
Anyways, I've been wanting to watch it ever since. And trust me, it did not dissapoint. It's such a good story and it kept me interested throughout the entire movie.

We all know the storyline, right?

Jaden Smith plays a young boy, Dre Parker, who moves to China with his mom. He feels lost and unhappy there, and to add to it, he makes an enemy. Mr. Han, played by Jackie Chan, is the maintenance guy but is secretly a kung fu master. He sees Dre getting beat up so he decides to train him and teach him "real" kung fu after they were challenged to a Kung Fu tournament by a famous Kung Fu master, Master Li.

It felt like I was China. The view and the sight was great in this movie! It made me want to go to China.

Jackie Chan is truly the best. haha. I love him especially in Rush Hour:D

This scene was my favorite part of the movie!

Mei-Ying is Dre's love interest. They were actually pretty cute together, even though they're too young! haha.

The tournament was really insane. I felt so bad for Dre! But in the end, he wins. So it's all good.


Did you guys watch Karate Kid? What did you think?