Saturday, April 10, 2010

Forever 21: 2010 Prom Collection

Today is a lazy day and I'm just sitting in my sister's living room with my laptop, hoping to find something on the Internet that will keep me busy, at least till my brother-in-law finishes cooking lunch:D

I decided that I should visit Forever 21's website just to see what their new arrivals are. and I saw their new collection: 2010 Prom Collection.

Forever 21's collection has so much prom dresses to choose from and some are really really cute. I would definitely consider some of the dresses from these collection to be my prom dress. but I'm still a sophomore, so it's not time for me yet. My sister is a junior so she's looking at some of these.

Satin Grosgrain Bow Dress: $37.80

Dynamic Mesh Tiered Dress: $34.80

Rose Shoulder Sheen Dress: $32.80

Metallic Bubble Dress: $29.80

Silk Origami Dress: $29.80

Pinched Bubble Sheen Dress: $29.80

These dresses can also be worn not only to prom, but also to formal parties or any kind of school dances. It can even be used as a Halloween costume. Just make sure to dress it up a bit with a mask or a cute hat:D

Looking at these dresses makes me excited for my prom. 2 more years and it's my turn to pick my own pretty dress for a night to remember.

What did you wear or will wear to your prom?

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  1. Thanks for following me x) those dresses are pretty ^^ I followed you back =)

  2. Hi!:D

    I wore a long dark blue backless gown.:D It had very dainty, almost-not-there silver swirls as details. :D

    This is a good post, not only did you present these dresses as dance/event dresses but also an alternative for holloween costumes... ;D

    Have a lovely weekend!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. i went to private school and we didnt have prom! :(

    cute blog! following!

  4. You never know who will ask you! I ended up going to like 6 proms (including my freshman and sophomore years!) I like the pink one shouldered one in particular, but they all seem far too casual for prom.

  5. Wow that pink dress is HOT! Just found your blog; love it :)

  6. thanx for following...I am your new follower too... :)
    these dresses are really pretty!!! ^^
    I love the blue one....Just amazing!!!!

  7. ooh picking out a prom dress is so fun! i really like the first dress, very cute. i love love love bows :) everywhere.

  8. i'm a follower now! LOVE your background! and i think that rose one-shoulder dress is my favorite. hehe. i graduated two years ago, but i'm excited because my boyfriend's still in highschool so i get to go to his prom!


  9. @Girl: Thanks for following me:D

    @Marie: Thanks for the comment. I'm sure your dress was really beautiful.

    @Tara: really? my sister went to a private school and she had a prom. that's really interesting. and thanks for following:D

    @Kallie: that's awesome. really? wow. 6 proms. i like that one too the best.

    @Paige: me too. but i like the one shoulder pink dress the best:D heey, that rhymes.

    @Jen: Thanks for following:D

    @Angelina: thanks for following too:D i like that one too. really cute.

    @Katie: me too. bows are really really cute. and thanks for stopping by.

    @Cara: oohhh. that's really exciting. i'm excited for my prom:D

  10. the silk oragami dress is my favorite. :D

  11. Hey Carrie! :)
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
    I'm following you too... :)
    And wow! these dresses are sooo cute! I love the first dress.

  12. @Viva La Fashion: haha. it's really cute, huh? i love the color.

    @Li: Hey, thanks so much for following. The first one is very popular, actually. everyone loves it:D

  13. I like short dresses better than the long ones! I've got a dress for formal from Macy's that's a nude satin thing. Hard to describe.

  14. i wore a long, blue dress to my prom last year. :) if i was gonna pick one from these, i think i would wear the one-shoulder pink one. :)

  15. Such a cute collection.

    Thank you for following mine. I became a follower of yours.


  16. those dresses are adorable & affordable!! i really like it!!

  17. I love the black one with the ruffled skirt! I never had a prom.. in the UK having a prom is only just becoming the norm. When I graduated we had a leaving party where we had a sit down meal then tickets to a club afterwards.

  18. I really like the first one, this lavender color is simply divine! x

  19. Thanks for your comment :] Nice blog ^^ xx

  20. I love the silk oragami dress!

    New Follower :)


  21. Great picks! These dresses have beautiful colors!

  22. Ugh! This makes me sooo jealous, I wish I had gone to my prom! I graduated high school a semester early, and then ended up going to Texas for vacation while everyone else had prom :(
    So you better go when it's time and enjoy it like five times as much, to make up for me not going :)
    I love the blue and green ones, they're more toned down. I can imagine wearing them for other semi-casual events.

  23. Thanks for following my blog :)

    Haha, I was actually looking at all the F21 prom dresses despite being a sophomore TOO! ;D I would definitely rather buy a nice one from there that I can wear to multiple events than some really really expensive one that I could only wear once!

  24. I really love the first dress!! It is so cute!!

    Cute blog too!! I am now a happy follower... you should stop by mine too and follow if you like!! :)

  25. Love the blue dress!

    -Shoeless Simone

  26. I Wish Forever 21 came to Greece :(( I love them!

    You can follow me at :

    Many thanks!

  27. I wish i could get this in the uk. its so gorgeous! my mum wont pay shipping but im so annoyed they have GORGEOUS clothes.

  28. @Grace: me too. and what's great about these is that you can wear them multiple times:D i would love to see your prom dress.

    @Mimi: me too. i like that one the best.

    @darlingdee: thanks for stopping by.

    @augustalolita: i knoow, right? you don't have to spend so much on a dress that you will only wear once.

    @Jo: yeah, that one's cute too. really? that's interesting. did you have fun?

    @Rocaille: i love the color of that one:D

    @Alice: thank you.

    @Julie: that one is nice too. and thanks for following.

    @Bitsy: thanks.

    @Meraldia: thank you so much. there are alot more on the websit. i thought these were the greatest ones:D

    @Sulora: aww, i sure will:D

    @Natalie: that's exactly what i thought:D were both sopohomores, yay! haha.

    @Leslie: thank you:D

    @Shoeless Simone: i know, right? it's really cute.

    @La Fashionelle: haha. i wanna visit greece. it's sooo beautiful:D gaaah.

  29. @Lisa: haha. when you come visit here, you will go crazy. there's so many nice stores:D

  30. hi Carrie!! thanks for droppin by & following my blog! I am now your newest follower!! love your blog background... anyhow, I went to a private Catholic school & we had an option to have either a prom night or just a simple grad night(dance)... we chose the simple one... dunno why?!? haha

  31. wow i'm lovin all these fab dresses. they're so very Carrie!

    thanks for dropping by my following too now =)

  32. lovely dresses!!


  33. ♥ all the dresses! Especially the bubble ones (: Your profile picture is amazing, I love the boldness of the design. Thanks for following, I'm following now too!

  34. the collection is so cute, not sure about the bubble ones but like the others

  35. I love these! I am a junior and is actually thinking about going to prom. :)

    I just have to find the perfect dress! haha.

    cute blog! this is definitely going to help me with my prom dress shopping.

  36. I love the dress!! It is so cute!!

  37. @Annettee: haha. we also just a had a simple grad dance when i was in 8th grade:D but i really can't wait for my prom.

    @Persis Shah: haha. thank you.

    @Kayleigh: it is:D

    @Krimly: thanks for stopping by.

    @Lilay: thank you for following and commenting.

    @House in Tillford: :DD

    @Breee: i'm glad it did. i'm sure they have more varieties in the store. these are just the ones that caught my eye:D

    @Virgy: thank you.

  38. Thanks for the comment and for following! I really like the green one. I don't know why. lol

  39. @Leenda: no problem. thanks for following too.
    and that one is really cute too:D