Monday, April 12, 2010

The Proposal

The Proposal is a feel-good comedy movie that will have you laughing all the way to the last scene.

My sister dragged me to the theaters to watch it and I wasn't really interested. I was giving her the "It's gonna be boring.", "It's not even gonna be good.", "We're just gonna waste our time." lines. But by the time we were walking out of the theater, I absolutely loved it.

Margaret Tate, played by Sandra Bullock, is an up-tight and proud executive editor-in-chief who is about to be deported to Canada. She then bribes her assistant, Andrew Paxton played by Ryan Reynolds,a promotion to the position of editor if he agrees to marry her in order for her not to get deported.

Of course Andrew couldn't pass this up since it's his dream to become an editor, so he agrees. To make it look realistic, the both of them head to Alaska to spend time with Andrew's family. And as they spend more and more time with each other, feelings between them starts to grow.

Like any romantic-comedy movie, the two of them end up together. On their wedding day, Margaret admits to everyone that everything was just a set-up to save her from getting deported to Canada. Then she goes back to New York to pack her things and next thing she knows, Andrew is kneeling down behind her in front of the whole office staff. He confesses his feelings to her and proposes, for real this time.

I'd have to say that this movie really is one of my favorites. I can watch it over and over again and I would not get tired of it. Sandra Bullock shows us a whole new side to her and Ryan Reynolds is just so amazingly cute:D

I really suggest for you guys to check this movie out. It's a must-see.

How about you? What's your must-see movie?


  1. I love almost all Sandra Bullock movies!:D And look at those killer shoes...:D.

    This is really a funny one! My husband & I got a dvd of this!:D Definitely one of my faves!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. i absolutely love this movie! love the part when she was dancing in the forest, the naked scene (hilarious!), and their funny lines. :)

    i have a lot of favorite movies. this is definitely one of them. :)

  3. i loved sandra's handbag in this movie!! any idea which one it was? also the granny dancing in the forest was hilarious!!


  4. I really liked this one too, such a relaxing movie after a busy day at uni! x

  5. Oh, I definitely loved this movie! I remember watching it with my friends and we were all dying from laughter, hahaha.

    Thanks for following my blog, btw (:

  6. I watched this movie and I very like it :]

  7. I haven't seen it, but I loove Sandra Bullock.

    My must see film is definitely Jawbreaker... or the virgin suicides :)


  8. I really loved this movie too! Hilarious!

  9. I loved this movie! Esp the 'bump into each other naked' part :D


  10. this is definitely one of my favourites as well!

  11. @Marie: i know, right. i loove her shoes in this movie.

    @Mimi: me too. and the part when ryan reynolds was singing. gaahh, he's soo cute.

    @Persis Shah: omg, yeah. i love that part. totally hilarious. oh and her hand bag was a Hermes Birkin. it's really nice:)

    @Rocaille: :))

    @Natalie: you're welcome. and thanks for following mine too.

    @Alice: me too. definitely one of my faves.

    @Julie: you have to go see it. it's sooo goood. oooh, i'm gonna have to see those.

    @Tasha: i know, right?

    @Cynthia Zacharica: yeah. that part was unexpected. i totally didn't know it was coming. haha.

    @projectvee: yay, we like the same movie:D

  12. LOVE this film!! loved the chanting in the woods bit!

  13. ahh sandra bullock is an amazing actress to be fairr (: must see.. kick-asss (':

  14. I haven't seen this movie, but I really love the Coco Chanel movie.

  15. @Aimee: me too. i think that's my favorite part. and of course the confessing of their love part too:D

    @Reg: she really is:D i love her.

    @Katie: omg, i've been wanting to see that one.

  16. Love this movie! :)

    I especially like the scene where Sandra Bullock dances!

    "To the wall, to the window"



  17. i absolutely love this movie!

  18. i love the parts in the movie where ryan reynolds sings and sandra bullocks dance! hilarious!

  19. my must see movies are City of Angels, The Holiday and of course the Twilights! lol

  20. this wasn't a must-see movie for me, but when i did watch it at home i was totally surprised by how funny it truly was! definitely worth the watch.

    i follow you now; check me out and feel free to follow me too. :)

  21. @Shelley Ann: I know. i love that part too. he's really cute.

    @April: ooh, i've seen the holiday and the twilight series. but i haven't seen the City of Angels:D

    @Cheryl Clarke: aww, thanks for following:D

  22. Hi Carrie! I was surprised at how much I liked this movie too! I watched it on netflix (instant view) randomly one day and found myself cracking up throughout! Plus, Ryan Reynolds is definitely a sight for sore eyes! :) love your blog! Thanks for following mine ♥

  23. Aaww, thank you so much for this! It means a lot that you take time out of your day to ready my blog!

    Val : )