Monday, May 31, 2010

Mario Badescu Review

I found out about Mario Badescu skin care last month. My friend told me about the website so I decided to check it out.

They have a lot of skin care products to choose from. And I personally didn't know what to get. So I was just looking through the website and I found this "Skin Care Analysis" under their "Consulting" tab at the top of their page.

It's a questionnaire where you answer questions about your skin. Some example questions that I remember are whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or a combination of both. They also ask you how often you break out and whether your break outs are big, medium, or small. Another question was also whether you've consulted a dermatologist.

At the end of the questionnaire, they inform you that you will be getting an email sometime and that's where they tell you which products best fits your skin type. I didn't get mine till after 2 weeks. haha. And i actually forgot all about it.

Anyways, after a few more weeks, I recieved a package from Mario Badescu. I had no idea what it was but when i opened it, I saw that they sent me free samples of the products that they emailed me. And believe me, it really made my day:D

This is the package. All the products is inside this medium-sized bubble envelope.

This is everything that I recieved.

My skin care package included:

1. a Product Guide

2. a Product Application Guide

3. Enzyme Cleansing Gel

4. Special Cucumber Lotion

5. Oil Free Moisturizer (SPF 17)

6. Control Moisturizer for Oily Skin

7. Orange Tonic Mask

8. Drying Cream

The Product Guide" (left) shows you all the merchandise available which you can also purchase if you'd like. And the "Product Application Guide" (right) has all the instructions for your application. It tells you what to use in the morning and at night. Pretty cool, huh?

These are the 4 creams that I used:)

This is the Control Moisturizer for Oily Skin. It has a spongy texture to it. But once you put it on your skin, it melts and it becomes creamy.

This is the Oil Free Moisturizer. It's very creamy and it feels just like a normal drug store face cream. It also has a nice smell to it.

The Drying Cream would have to be my favorite. It looks like a normal lotion but once you apply it to your face, it doesn't spread easily. Although it has a strong medicine-like smell to it, I really like it because it really prevented me from breaking out. It also makes your pimples smaller in less than 24 hours.

The Orange Tonic Mask was also another favorite of mine. It has a citrus fragrance that helps you relax while you're waiting for it to dry. Everytime after I wash it off, my skin definitely felt softer.

I washed my face with the Enzyme Cleansing Gel. This one smelled more like Cucumber than the Special Cucumber Lotion. And I have no idea why. haha. The Cucumber Lotion is more like a toner. Once I rubbed it in my face, I definitely felt some stinging from my break outs.

These samples lasted for about 3 weeks. It actually depends on the amount you use everytime. If I were to rate it from 1 to 10, I'm kinda stuck between 8 and 9. Some of the products worked for me but some didn't. But overall, I'm really satisfied with the results. I'm actually thinking if purchasing the Drying cream and the Orange Tonic Mask:D

And If you asked me, I do recommend it. It's kinda cool because they give you the products that matches your akin type. After all, there's no harm in trying, right?

Just visit to check it out:D

What do you think? Have you tried it?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Mario Badescu Skin Care.


  1. Carrie!:D I'm still "waiting" for my samples but I doubt that I would ever get some. You got lucky with the samples, yay!:D

    Thanks for the review!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. thank you carrie :D yes - i would gladly follow back!

  3. @Marie: haha. they'll get to you. i had to wait sometime too. i even forgot about it. lol.

    @Angie: aww, thanks.

  4. I'm still waiting for my samples too! Hopefully they'll arrive and I can test them on these bugger pimples. Thanks for the review Carrie =)

  5. @Naturalnchicmakeup: so you decided to try it? that's great. i'm pretty sure it's on its way:D

  6. Aww its so great they sent you samples they thought were useful for your skin type! I'm actually curious about the drying lotion, it looks pretty good!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I totally LOLed at it, because I've been a follower for awhile already, if you haven't noticed! :P

  7. Never tried it but the products look good :) I have given you a blog award on mine :D Check it out..Sarah..0x

  8. that is super cool! i love getting packages in the mail. i have to go check this out. :)

  9. @musicalhouse: it really does work? oh really. omg, i'm so sorry. haha.

    @Sarahhh.Fashion: aww, thank you so much:D

    @Mimi: hahaa. me too.

  10. Wonderful review~

    lovely blog, truly!!

    Cheers, Jesa

  11. i love skincare stuff, without a great complexion makeup just doesn't look that good!

  12. @Jesa: thank you so much:D

    @Katie: me too. i love trying out new things:D

  13. what a perfect day to stumble upon your blog!! im totally breaking out as im typing this and i've heard of this product before.. i might have to try it out! thanks for the review. :D

    Animated Confessions

  14. Never heard of this product. On my face I use both La Prairie and Eucerin products - works wonders. Have a pleasant day;-)

  15. amazing blog, i love it :) Of corse i follow you!

  16. Interesting post. That's nice that they cater their products for your skin, will check them out once I'm done using what I have now!

  17. @libsy11: aww, you should really try it:D it summer here too, so i'm starting to break out too:D hopw everything works out!

    @Fashion,art,andotherfancies: that's interesting. i'll check it out sometime:)

    @PopChampagne: thanks:D

    @Intheuppereastside: thank you!

  18. that sounds pretty awesome! to be sent samples to test it out, i think companies should do more of that.
    great post!

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  19. Great review! Love the blog - I followed :) ♥

  20. @StuddedLilly: it is really cool:D

    @Becky: thank you!

  21. definitely going to try this :)

  22. @Paige: you definitely should!

  23. ooooh nice review. might have to have a look :)

  24. Thanks for that review - I havn't heard about Mario Badescu before. Sounds good =)

  25. @Margaret: thanks:D

    @Susi: i didn't know about him either until my friend mentioned him to me:D

  26. I love their stuff! it's great!

  27. cool! I will definitely try this! :D

  28. I love Mario Badescu products! Everytime I order something, they give me little freebies. It's a good way to try out their other stuff. I personally like the Drying Mask and the AHA Body Wash. :)

  29. I actually love Mario Badescu! I have a lot of their stuff! My fav however is the healing cream!