Friday, May 28, 2010

Nordstrom Rack:)

The weather here in LA has been pretty warm lately.
The sun's been out these past few days and it's been real nice:D

So my mom, my sisters, and I went to Nordstrom Rack to do a little shopping spree. Nordstrom Rack is where you can get "Nordstrom" products at a cheaper price. (I really hope that I explained that right.)

Nordstrom is sort of like Macy's or JCPenny. It's a high end department store where they sell a lot of designer products. So when they get new arrivals, they send their old merchandise to Nordstrom "Rack" where it's sold for a reasonable price:D (whew!)

This is how it looks like from the inside. It's really messy and all the clothes are sometimes mixed up but if you're really patient and you take your time on browsing the racks, you will find some really cute and affordable clothing.

They had skirts on clearance for 50% off. My sister got a couple:D

After at least two hours of looking around, I ended up buying two cute shirts that's really perfect for the weather right now. I love the colors and it can be paired up with almost anything.

Here's the green one:D

And here's the yellow one.

(I'm really sorry if the colors are really dull. I'm still working on my photo editing skills:P)

How about you guys? Do you have any usual department stores you like going to?


  1. nordstrom rack is a great place to shop for designer items at an affordable price. they have nice designer shoes there. nice post, carrie! :D

  2. @Mimi: thanks. i know. i love going there:D

  3. I love Nordstrom Rack!:D Love the shoes and the bags you can find!:D

    Clothes are nice too but I always browse on those two departments!:D

    Nice shirts, Carrie! Perfect for school!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. I love NR! You have to be patient to find the good deals, but it is so worth it.

    :) Marcie

  5. @Marie: me too. i love their bags and their shoes the best:D

    @A La Moda: thank you.

    @Marcie: me too.

  6. Shops like that drive me insane, but then when you find something good, it's doubly better! Those tees are gorgeous, I LOVE the yellow one. So summery! xo

  7. sweet blog.
    feel free to pop by sometime!

    xx T

  8. I like Nordstrom Rack and the regular Nordstrom. Both are great!

  9. @Sarah: thank you. it was only for 4 bucks too. very good deal:D

    @Myideaofstyle: thank you. will do.

    @Naturalnchicmakeup: me too:))

  10. Omg Im so jealous!!! wish there was Nordstorm in the Netherlands!

  11. awwww I really miss mainland malls!!! So many variety!!! Thanks for taking pics inside!!

  12. I wish we had a mall like that in the Netherlands!!

  13. Hello, Miss Carrie! Your blog is lovely! Thank you for following my little blog! Great deals you found! I love a good deal :)

  14. Ah, my aunt who lives in California was telling me about that place! That's awesome :D Bargain hunting ftw! That's why I love places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls, cause you can find great things for a fraction of the cost.

  15. cute :)


    I tagged you!

    check it out on my blog!


  16. @fashionstoned: aww, that sucks. but i'm pretty sure you guys have some cool shopping stores there that we don't have here in LA:D

    @OJLife: no problem. thanks.

    @ChasingCherries: let's hope they do a franchise there. like Forever 21:D

    @Georgia: i love your name. so adorable. and thanks. i love good deals too.

    @Natalie: i totally agree.

    @Breee: aww, thanks.

  17. I'm totally down with Nordstrom Rack but being the OCD guy I am, I can't stand the usualy state of mess that it always seem to be in. Ughh. Haha. But I suck it up and trek out there bc there are always killer finds.

  18. @R.Gatz: i totally agree. the mess just gets me all lazy to look for clothes.

  19. why don't we have that shop in Ireland!!

    Designer gear at reasonable prices, YES please

  20. I Love your blog, and this post is cool :-) I wish Nordstrom clothing was available over in the UK...I follow you now, please have a look at my blog, thanks.....English Hugs...Saraaah 0x

  21. @Umbrellainthesun: ahhaa:D

    @Sarahhh.Fashion: aww, thanks for following. I will definitely visit your blog:D

  22. Nordstrom Rack is definitely a good place to find designer items at an affordable price. I prefer to shop at vintage and thrift stores. :)