Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hair Extensions Review:D

I've always wanted really long hair. Like the kind where it's almost to my belly button. But for some reason, my hair just never grows to that point. Or at least it didn't.(My hair is pretty long right now. hahaha.)

So last February, my mom and I were doing some shopping at the Northridge Mall. And when we passed by this hair extensions booth, we were both really fascinated. They came in different lengths, different colors, and different hairstyles. The kind ladies who were running the "store" were happy to help us try some on.

I decided to try the 22 inch extensions in medium rich brown.(which is my hair color) The lady attached it to my original hair and she even curled it to match the extensions. I even felt kind of weird because everyone that passed by the booth were staring at me. But when she finished and handed me a mirror, I absolutely loved it. It looked so natural, no one would think it was extensions:D

This is how long it is. The only down part is that its synthetic. Meaning you can't curl it or straighten it. If you do so it will burn. So every time I wear it, I have to curl my natural hair so it'll match. I purchased it for $65. I actually thought it was a little expensive for synthetic extensions but they also offered me a free appointment to their salon. They said I can just come anytime for a haircut or for a treatment. Of course, I couldn't say no to that:D

This is what my mom got. I'm not entirely sure what length this is but it goes all the way down to her chest. The color of this one is more of a light brown with highlights. My mom has short hair so she just wanted to see how it would look on her. This one costs $55, I believe.

They also sold these little sections of fake hair. You can use it to make your hair look fuller. My mom used it on the side of her head to fill up the spaces between the extensions.(Boy, I really hope that made sense. haha:) Each of these costs $10.

After a couple of months, my mom decided to come back. She was really curious about the wig, so she wanted to see how it would look on her. This one cost $50. She really wanted one because she's always wanted to grow her hair, but she never does. The wig is also synthetic. There's not much you can do with it, except to wear it and add clips maybe. My mom actually wore it during Mother's Day. And I must admit, she looked pretty good in it.:D

It even has legit bangs. haha.

This is the back of the wig. It's dark brown with light brown highlights. I also love how it's kind of curled in the front.

They also provided us with these clear bags to store our extensions in when were not going to use them. I think it was a pretty good deal!

In terms of washing them, we also purchased this set of Shampoo and Conditioner. They gave it to us for $10 each. I think you can also use this for your real hair. I haven't really tried it, but thinking about it now, I should. haha. And it smells pretty good too.

This is a close up of the shampoo and conditioner:D I wanted you guys to be able to read it:)

Overall, I really like my extensions. Although, I'm planning to purchase another set. But the real human hair this time. I want to be able to curl it and straighten it and brush it and do all kinds of stuff that you can't do with synthetic ones. Would you guys happen to know good brands?

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this review:D

How about you? Have you ever tried hair extensions?


  1. very interesting post, carrie! i have never tried hair extensions before, but now i kinda want to. :D

  2. @Mimi: thank you. you really should. i'm sure it will look good on you:D

  3. I get my clip in extensions from!
    They are GREAT! real hair and ALOT of it!

    only about 350NOK, wich is really CHEAP! but the hair is awesome! I use it all the time!

    and big plus! no tax, because they send it as a gift. LOVE.

    Feel free to stop by somtime!
    xx T

  4. I nominated you for a tag here- :)

  5. That is so interesting....I really want to try them now..Great post,sweetie and have a happy Thursday:)
    Muah and see you soon:)

  6. I love my hair extensions and wear them almost daily. They're only a couple of inches ;longer than my real hair, I where them mostly for volume. However I use human hair extemnsions as they look more natural on my hair.. and I can dye and style them easily.

  7. @<3: omg, thank you so much for sharing this with me:D i will definitely be checking that out!

    @RMayA: thank you:D that's so sweet!

    @Diana: thanks. you really should:D

    @Jo: hahah. i'm actually planning to get the weaved extensions. idk. i'm kinda still thinking about it.

  8. I love hair extensions and have tons of them! Both fake hair and synthetic.....I think I prefer real hair and synthetic hair tends to be quite hard to detangle :/

    This is my fav one at the moment:

    Cant wait to see picture of them in your hair :)


  9. @beautyandthebeast: thanks for sharing:D haha. i know, right? i really wanna buy the real one:D

  10. Oh, I am so curious about extensions! My friend got them and they looked so, so good! I really want to try, thanks for the review! XO!

  11. i want to see a pic of it in!!! :) i have never had extensions. my hair was down to my waist up until this year and i love love love feeling air on my back and neck.

  12. @shari: haha. i know, right? they're so fascinating!

    @Kallie: ahahha. i'll try to post some:D omg, all the way down to your waist? wow!

  13. I've been meaning to try some but I feel like just growing my hair would be better for me. My hair grows insanely fast!:D

    Thanks for this interesting post!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  14. I can't live without my hair extention. It's the best invention ever!

  15. I also want long hair too! Like Miley Cyrus long, but now I'm really annoyed with my hair. it's long, but it doesn't look pretty.

    Oh well lol.

    I might try extensions too!


  16. @Marie: you're so lucky! My hair takes forever to grow:D

    @Fe: hahaa. i really want get the weaved kind.

    @Breee: omg, i want mine that long too. I heard she cut her though. it's like up to her shoulders now.

  17. ive always wanted my hair longer tooo! i never grow them out coz my face just looks well with a bob. ughhh! anyway, thanks for the review!

  18. @LouelaDaniele: hahaha. omg, i'm actually thinking of getting a bob this summer. hmm.

  19. Thank you for stopping by my blog and entering my J Crew giveaway :). I'm following back.

    I've always been curious about hair extension. Your post on this topic is very helpful. I think I'm ready to try it out someday when I want longer and more hair :).

  20. @PetiteGorgeous: you're welcome. and thanks for following me back!

  21. I recently cut my hair and now I wish I hadn't. Hair extensions would be a good idea.

    BTW, thanks for following. I will most certainly be following you :-)

  22. I've never tried hair extensions since most of my life I've had long hair, but now that I cut my hair short and is missing my tresses, extensions might be good. Hehe. Thanks for this informative post:-)

  23. You should show some pictures of you both before putting the extensions in and after. I am curious to how it looks. Sounds fun. My hair never seems to grow past my mid back. It just stops. Weird!

  24. I'm thinking of getting some myself but there are hundreds of companies and it's hard to know who to trust :P
    The ones you got look lovely though :)

  25. @Emy: haha. definitely. that's the beauty of it. even if you have short hair, hair extensions will do the trick for ya!

    @Tayebug: hahah. don't worry. i will try my best to take some.

    @RMayA: i know, right? i'm also trying to find a good brand. i want to buy real ones.

  26. Мои волосы и так длинные, но у меня есть парик. Я одеваю его зимой вместо шапки, чтобы было не холодно.
    Или когда хочу из рыжей стать брюнеткой.

    My hair and so long, but I have a wig. I dress in the winter to replace the cap, so it was not cold.
    Or when I want to become a red-haired brunette.