Tuesday, August 31, 2010

California Beaches

Living in California, my family and I go to the beach alot! It's the number one place people go to whether it's hot or cold. There's all kinds of fun activities you can do at a beach. You can swim, surf, boogie board, play volleyball, play soccer, play football, get a tan, make a sand castle, bury a friend under the sand, and many many more.

California is famous for having the best beaches. Hence, Katy Perry's California Girls song. haha. So I guess you guys kind of figured out what this post is going to be about huh? Yepp, I'm gonna show you guys California Beaches!

Excited, yet?

This is the Topanga State Beach at Malibu! I've never actually been here. But it looks really nice:D

Malibu Lagoon State Beach. It's beautiful! Look at how clear the water is!

Point Dume State Beach. Amazingly Beautiful. I love the big mountain rocks. It definitely adds character!

Zuma Beach, Malibu. This is where my family always goes to. It's such a pretty beach. There's volleyball courts and food shops. And the water is great:D I love it!

Agate Street Beach. This beach is located at Laguna Beach, Orange County.

This is Crescent Bay Beach. I love how the shore is shaped like a circle. Pretty cool!

When I grow up, I want to buy a vacation house by the beach. It seems really relaxing to just walk out of your house in the morning and smell the ocean air. haha. I also want to have access to the beach anytime of the day:D

Did you like them? What's your favorite beach?


  1. the beaches are gorgeous! would love to go there someday!

  2. @Michelle: i love going to the beach. it help me relax:)

  3. They look great. My favourite beach is a pebble beach in Javea, Spain. I don't really like sand so a pebble beach is perfect for me.

  4. Definitely have to look for the good ones, me and my boy found some real stinkers in Cali when we went on our Disneyland trip.

    Those are beautiful though, just have to beat those crowds!


  5. One of the things I miss most about living in California are the beaches! Laguna Beach is my absolute favorite in Southern California :)

  6. They're all so pretty! I'd love to live in California!

  7. California girls, they're unforgettable.

  8. I wouldn't mind going to any of these beaches, they are all wonderful! You're a lucky girl! xx

  9. Beautiful beach pics....love them all!

  10. never been to california but would looove to some day! to date st. lucia is the best beach ive been too! alot of the beaches you pictured reminded me of it! there are alot of mountains running the shoreline there too! thanks for sharing!

  11. I used to live in California for years and I love beach...Ahhh i so wish I could be sitting there right now:)


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  12. I adore beaches and I hope one day I'll be able to live by the sea... not yet.. my favorite beach was in Zanzibar... :)


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  14. wow, crescent bay beach is cool! i love going to zuma too! that's where my friends and i always go to. ;P santa monica is good too, but mostly because of the pier, not really the beach, haha!

    <3, Mimi

  15. I'm from California originaly! The bay area :) :) I love Zuma, and Manhattan Beach as well! I also love the scraggly cold beaches of the Bay Area!

  16. I looovee going to the beach! I've never been to any of the beaches in Cali though. Would love to one day!

  17. I am really happy to be living in Southern California!:D

    I like Malibu -- Zuma to be exact. It's not that crowded!

    Thanks for the pictures, Carrie!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  18. @Laura: so cool! a pebble beach? i've never really been to one!

    @Cupcake: totally! alotta people loves the beach. haha.

    @Kristin: :DDD i agree!

    @CafeBellini: haha. you should come and visit!

    @Vincent: hahahhaha. that made me laugh.

    @Andrea: aww, thank you.

    @Collette: thank you.

    @sbe.fashion: i'd like to see it someday:D

    @Diana: aww, thank you!

    @Gabby: i want to live by the beach too! someday i'm gonna buy a vacation house by the ocean!

    @Kat: thank you. will do!

    @Mimi: i totally agree. santa monica beach is always so packed!

    @Kakes: :D

    @Leenda: i want to go to different beaches in different countries!

    @Marie: ahaha. i love that beach too!

  19. Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, we went to the beach every weekend. But I hate to be dirty. And don't love swimming in the ocean. So I love love the beach and miss driving by it every single day. But as an adult, I am more of a sit at a restaurant and eat overlooking the beach. haha.

  20. LA girls are unforgettable like Katy Perry say jajaj
    Thanks for the comments new follow

  21. @PreppyPinkCrocodile: hahaha. i kinda agree with that. i don't like getting sand everywhere, but i really love the beach!

    @Curvesaheadmakeup: hahahaa. thanks!

  22. I commuted along PCH between Santa Monica and Malibu for years....stunningly beautiful!

  23. Aw these pictures are so nice! I love beaches, the ones in California look beautiful. My favorite in the USA would have to be any of the Delaware beaches- real beach towns, no jagged rocks killing your feet. But in Ireland I live ten minutes away from the coast, and the water is crystal clear. It's hard to pick one!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and being my 100th follower!! I always follow back, but your blog is such a great read that it would be hard not to follow! :)

  24. Love going to the beach and love CAlifornia beaches. I am heading to Nantucket this weekend to hang out at the Beach-it's just quite the same as California beaches!

  25. @Dree: aww, are you serious? 100th follower! that's great. thank you:D

    @Style'n: i'd love to see pics:D

  26. I live in NY and we have the worst beaches. I remember going to a beach in florida and screaming "OMG I can see my feet in the water!" lol That's pretty much my only expectation from a beach, clean water xD

  27. you're so lucky!
    living in London, makes it hard to find such beautiful beaches nearby obviously they're all so beautiful!



  28. @Annie: hahahha. i've never been to new york. is it really that bad?!

    @Amy: thanks!

  29. I love the beach!! My all time favorite is in cape Hatteras, NC. But I do have a soft spot for good old Coney Island too!


  30. I also grew up going to the beach... cant imagine living away from the water! I grew up in San Diego; however, my favorite beaches are up in Santa Barbara where I went to school!

  31. @Hianail6: omg, i've heard so much about Coney Island! haha. i wanna go there:D

    @Moosette: haha. i do love san diego! although i've never actually been to santa barbara.

    @Teresa: haha. come visit.

  32. beach, beach, beach! what's not to love? ;)


  33. I live in northern NY and my husband and I just rode the Harley to the coast of CA this summer. We rode highway 1 up the coast. :)

  34. Love these! Now Katy Perry is in my head! Gorgeous! XX!

  35. @Bree: i agree!

    @Susies1955: that's sounds so much fun! especially with the one you love:D

    @Shari: hahahahha.

  36. Great blog! I love the pretty beaches!Thanks for following!

  37. Aaaah seeing this pictures makes me wanna go to the beach :D

    love the blog!


    maye you'd like to visit me?

  38. Love it when the sea is so blue!

  39. @Kirstin: thank you so much!

    @Emilie: ahhaa. of course, i'll visit.

    @Jate4: me too.

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