Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: Elf Single Eye Shadows

I reserve my eye shadows for special occasions like school dances, concerts, and family parties.

I love doing smokey eye since it’s the easiest look to create. I enjoy watching tutorials on YouTube because I learn a lot from them.


Elf Single Eye Shadow
Available in 12 colors.

“Wild Wheat”

Costs $3.00

Really really cheap!


My favorite color would probably be Amethyst.
It’s dark and purple and perfect for smokey eye looks.

I would use Saddle and Wild Wheat when I want the attention to be on my outfit. ;]

Elf eye shadow tends to be really powdery.
So you will encounter some fall outs when applying it.
Make sure to put on face cream on your under eyes to make it easier for you to wipe the fall outs. Or you can also wet your eye brush.

When I used this for a party, it started to crease by the end of the night. That is the only down point of this eye shadow. When this starts to happen, all you have to do is re-apply a light coat, and you are good to go!


Here is a swatch of each of the eye shadows.

As you can see, it’s very light. So you will have to put more coats to make it darker.


What's your current eye shadow color? What’s your favorite eye shadow look?

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  1. I've never tried ELF shadows before, but they're so cheap I think I'm going to have to! I need to update my eyeshadows, so thank you for the ideas!

  2. i really like the amethyst color too! and the thing i love about elf is how affordable they are. they may not be the best out there, but they are definitely great buys. :)

    <3, Mimi

  3. They all look really pretty

  4. these colors are really nice! i love working with earth tones!

  5. @Shea: They really are so it's definitely worth the 3 bucks. :D

    @Mimi: I agree. I especially love their eyelash curler. Works like a charm. ;p

    @Terri: Thank you!

    @MissIndependent: Same here. It looks very natural.

  6. Followed you,if you want you can do the same..kiss

  7. hey there. lovely colours. now in summer i'm very often wearing golden or bronze eye shadows.
    following you now. follow me back?
    xx romi

  8. These colours look beautiful! I am a bit obsessed with MAC eyeshadows, but lately I have been loving TOO Faced! Smoky eye is so fun, indeed... it's probably my absolute favourite way to wear eye shadow for an evening out!


  9. that is such a good deal! i fear i've been wearing the same eyeshadow colors for too long!

  10. @Jardelle: Thank you!

    @Romi: Ohh, i'd have to try gold/bronze colors.

    @Rachel: Same here!

    @Krystal: I know right?! ;]

  11. What beautiful colors! xo style, she wrote

  12. Gorgeous, I love amethyst! xo

  13. I've never used any ELF eyeshadows, but they look great! Especially for the price.

    Hmmm. My favorite eyeshadows of the moment are Benefit's "RSVP" (a champagne-y cream shadow), and this white/light pink/bright coral/shimmery brown Lise Watier palette I have. I'm definitely a fan of a more natural look with eyes, I don't wear a lot of eyeliner and tend to skip on the bright colours. I generally lean towards pink, beige, and bronze-y shadows with lots of mascara!

  14. @Katie: Me too!

    @Jessica: You and me both! I really don't like wearing dark eye makeup. I like to keep it looking natural. :D

  15. I have an obsession with ELF, ever since I discovered them at the beginning of this summer. Hard to pass up such great prices!


  16. @Marissa: It's a really good brand.

  17. these colors are stunning the earthtones really complimented your skin tone!

  18. I love the colors you picked! I always go for some kind of brown or beige, nothing too dark. I have this (irrational?) fear of wearing too much make-up... so I choose natural colors.

  19. I haven't tried ELF before but I really want to some time. Good review :)

  20. What gorgeous earthy colours :) definitely gonna have to have a look at ELF now - stuff looks amazing :)


  21. These look pretty good, I'll have to consider gettin them.

  22. Love the colors you chose!
    And they're cheap too! Best of both worlds!
    I love all kinds of makeup looks! Ha I just mix it up all the time. Sometime just eyeshadow, sometimes just eyeliner [always mascara] and sometimes both! :D

  23. @Caramel: Thank you!

    @Blue: OMG, me too. I don't like wearing tons of makeup. It feel like it's too much.

    @Chloe: ELF was the very first brand I ever tried! I LOVE IT.

    @Sarah: :D

    @Dizzy: Definitely. and they're really cheap.

    @Anna: Thank you! I always have to have mascara on as well. ;]

  24. great eyeshadow colors! I love my smokey eyes paillette at the moment, with white, black, grey, and silver! x

  25. Awesome!:)
    I also don't really use eye shadows, only on special occassions.

    Loving that amethyst color. Perf for night outs!

    xoxo, Bree

  26. I had never tried ELF shadows but I want to soon :D I need more earth tones shadows. I love bronzy colors tho :D I need to learn to do a good smokey eyes, I guess I never dared to wear it out, scared to look like a panda :P


  27. Thanks for the review and pictures!:D

    I love smoky eyes but for a neutral look, I always use Patina by MAC!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  28. @Marie: Ohh, that sounds good.