Sunday, October 16, 2011

Product Review: Rimmel Glam' Eyes Mascara

If you were to ask me, "If you could bring only one makeup with you, what would it be?", I would say "MASCARA!" in a heartbeat.
I don't know why, but I cannot leave the house without putting mascara on.
I guess it's because I'm used to wearing it everyday ever since my freshman year in high school.


Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara
$7.29 at Ulta

This mascara is very creamy and smooth to apply.
It definitely does not clump and it separates my eyelashes from each other very well.
It coats very well. It also brightens up my eyes which I need since I don't really get enough sleep. (I HATE HOMEWORK!)
Great packaging. The wand is light and very easy to handle.


Wet n' Wild eyelash curler

This is the eyelash curler that I bring with me to school.
It's tiny so it fits in my makeup bag perfectly.
I like to re-curl my eyelashes in the middle of the day because they tend to straighten out after a few hours.


What's your current mascara? Have you ever tried the Rimmel Glam' Eyes Mascara? How did you like it?

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  1. I use that Falsies mascara! I really like it but my friend doesn't.. guess it's just a personal preference... cute blog!!

    Check out mine and follow if you like..

    I travel all over the US and document my adventures!

    Leigh :)

    ps I'm following you now :)

  2. lovely !

  3. i dont really get this stuff, i wonder how it looks when applied

  4. I've never tried Rimmel's but hmm smooth to aply and doesn't clump I'm sold!

  5. Mascara is a total must for me!! I have never tried this product, though.
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  6. @Leigh: OMG, i've been really wanting to try the falsies mascara. :D Thanks for following!

    @Marysia: Lovely.

    @Tony: LOL. They look really pretty when applied. :D

    @PopChampagne: Most definitely!

    @Bonnie: Same here!

  7. I like a lot of Rimmel's products so I'm going to have to check out that when they are smooth! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog...loving yours!

    Liesl :)

  8. I am obsessed with Rimmel! Thanks for the review :)

  9. my must have makeup item is lip gloss! I love Revlon's super lustrous glosses! As for mascara, I use Loreal's double extend with the primer that makes my lashes super long. LOVE IT! great blog! I'm definitely following you! I hope you'll follow me too!

  10. I always use mascara! I am using Maybelline now and is not bad, but I will try this one!

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  11. I use MAC's Haute & Naughty mascara - it's got a double wand so you can have it au naturel for day and then vamp it up for night - fab! xxx

  12. Oooo I like the wand on that mascara :D i have only tried one mascara from rimmel and I like its staying power :D and how it makes the lashes look whispy. My fave mascara now is a local drugstore brand because it's easy to remove and it's usually BOGO :D hehehe. It says its waterproof but its not but thats ok. Cheap and reliable :D hehe...oh that curler looks very interesting. my lashes dont curl very long too. which is kinda sad :P


  13. Good review. Rimmel is very popular here in SA. the packaging is really cute.

  14. Always love hearing about mascara and the eyelash curler is a great tip for your bag. Would love to see the mascara on you :)

  15. lovely !

  16. I tried one of the Rimmels products in the past and wasn't a fan - I ended up switch to cover girl lash blast. How does that compare?

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  17. @Liesl: Same here! Totally love how it doesn't clump.

    @Sara: You're welcome.

    @TheDuchess: i don't really like wearing lip gloss. i prefer chapstick. Thanks for following!

    @LoveSushi&Fashion: :D

    @Gawgus: Ooo; i've never tried that one before. But it sounds really interesting.

    @A!ko: I also like L'oreal's Voluminous mascara. It works magic.

    @Sam: Thank you!

    @Jen: Thanks for stopping by! :D

    @Marysia: Thanks.

    @Marie: Hmm, I'm not too sure.

  18. I like this mascara too but right now, I'm using L'Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes.:D

    How cute is that curler, I think the size is great for a school makeup bag!:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  19. @Marie: Ooo' I really like that mascara! And thanks. :)

  20. I love mascara as well! I have to wear it too whenever I leave the house. I don't have a fave yet, but this Rimmel Glam mascara sounds awesome.

    The thing is, sometimes I get so frustrated when I can't make my eyelashes dark enough no matter how much coat I put!

    XoXo, Bree
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  21. you know... i should really start using mascara. i envy people with natural long eyelashes! lol

    i get frustrated because no matter how many times i try to curl my eyelashes, it's too short to do so! haha

    ps. if you're interested, come join a giveaway on my blog for an amazing dress (retail for $160!) from KAHLO! :)

    cindy - design3rd

  22. @Bree: You just have to spread it really well so it won't clump. I usually put at least 3 coats. :)

    @Cindy: Awh, you should try a lengthening mascara. It should help you.

  23. this is a must try 2dy after my class ,gr8 blog and photos bdw come thru my fashion blog n lets folloW Each other like twitter .

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  24. i love my covergirl lashblast mascara, but i am definitely open to trying other mascara brands. i think i'll give this one a try. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  25. you know what? i usually use clinique mascara, but its $20.00 bucks! so im so happy you posted this as something that worked well for you because im looking to get something less expensive but that works just as good, i'll definitely be trying this product and i'll let you know what i think of it!

  26. Great stuff!
    I usually wake up to early to go t the college so I am too bored to make up and only use a Lancome mascara! This is enough for me.

  27. Rimmel has always meen my go-to for mascara I think I have about 9999 of them :P I love this Mascara :)


  28. I've been loyal to Lancome mascara for years- a combination of Definicils and Hypnose Drama. But I'm in the market for a new eyelash curler, and this Wet & Wild one looks great!

  29. @Chulala: Thanks for stopping by!

    @Mimi: I haven't tried Covergirl yet. But I heard that it works great!

    @Edith: 20 bucks for a mascara?! WOW. I don't think I would spend that much on a mascara.

    @Angelina: I also have those days where I get so lazy. On those days, I usually just put on concealer, foundation, and a bit of lipgloss.

    @Sarah: Glad you like it.

    @Cee: I should try Lancome too.

  30. Wet n' Wild eyelash curler looks pretty cool. I lost my Revlon one and in the market for a new one!