Saturday, November 5, 2011

Product Review: NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eyeshadow


NYC Ultra Pearl Mania
Very Pink Pearl & Orange Zest Pearl

A potent bullet of colors! The loose powder is everything the single shadow is; super pigmented, easy to blend, long lasting, plus its packed with shimmer! Glisten the windows to your soul with these beautiful powders.

This eyeshadow is very pigmented so a little goes a LONG way. It does not crease but you have to apply a primer first to make the eyeshadow last. It works great as a highlighter.

The packaging isn't that great. It's a tiny bottle and the small opening makes it a bit hard to get to the actual powder. You can either transfer it to a small container or you can use a tiny eyeshadow brush when you're applying it.


Here is a swatch of Very Pink and Orange Zest.
I wanted to show you guys both the color and the shimmer that it has.

As you guys can see in the picture, they are extremely pigmented. I like Very Pink A LOT!
It's girly and sparkly. :D


These eyeshadows are sold in 30 different colors! They are also very cheap. Definitely worth the price.

Have you ever tried the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania? How do you like it?

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  1. they look really pigmented and sparkly. what a cute combination of colours too

    pandaphilia style

  2. nope, i haven't tried it. the thing that has kept me from buying this is the packaging. it looks so hard to get the eyeshadow and i feel like it's gonna make a mess -- as you pointed out. but they're so affordable and the colors are beautiful, so i might give them a try. :)

    <3, Mimi

  3. @Mimi: that's the only downfall about this product -- the packaging :(

  4. I love the colours! The pink and orange look like a sunset to me (I miss the sun!) gorgeously pigmented too :) definitely beautiful!


  5. i also wanna grow up but getting older is just terrifying, for me.. anyway, nice review dear! <3

  6. lovely colors :)

    your newest follower Michelle

  7. Loving the colors! Tho, I haven't ever used this brand before.

    style roulette

  8. I haven't tried those yet, but the colors look great!

  9. I have to try this! Great colour palette! <3<3

  10. It looks pretty but getting it out of the bottle would be tough for me! lol, I am way too picky for that.

  11. I love the pink one!

  12. I haven't tried this brand before but the colors are so pretty. I will look for this brand the next time I am shopping for makeup.

  13. I have never tried either of the two but they look very nice. I mostly wear neutrals though. Very pretty colors.

  14. @Sara: Ooo, great observation. :D

    @Mitha: Thanks.

    @Michelle: Thank you!

    @Style: They have many more colors to choose from. Check out Cherry Culture to view all of them. :)

    @Audrey: :D

    @LoveSushiandFashion: Yay! Glad you liked it.

    @Sara: True!

    @OhMyDior: Me too!

    @Sunny: Yay!

    @Keira: I wear neutrals for school. Don't wanna be too bright for a normal day. :D

  15. i haven't tried but i like those colors!

  16. those colors always come in handy

  17. I love NYX eyeshadows! ;) I love all the colors.

    I reviewed the True Purple Pearl and the Turquoise Pearl as well. I agree with you. They're definitely pigmented!

    Lots of love, B
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  18. These colors are really pretty. I like the swatches that you provided.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  19. I love that orange color!! Where do you get your nyx from?

  20. The colors are so feminine and cute.Love it.

  21. @Bonnie: Thanks!

    @Rebecca: I got these from Cherry Culture. :D They sell them there for a cheaper price.

  22. I have used NYX eyeshadows before and boy, they are reliable o: !! They're cheap but their quality is pretty good in my option! Good choice in picking NYX!


  23. I love your blog and I love your style :D I would love to have you as a follower of the Style~ Spotlighted and of course, I will glady return the favor ;) Hope to see you very very soon!

    Stay FABulous~
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  24. ahh I am loving the idea... but how would you wear them? do you think they could be considered a day time look or mostly just at night? your blog is so cute, I'm definitely in need of new make up inspirations. Following! xx

  25. I need to get my hands on some, i keep hearind nothing but good things about NYX Ultra Pearl Mania!

  26. I used to love NYX! Haven't bought a product from them in ages!

  27. Very pink looks so girly and cute :D should've order that one but I have orange zest :D Love it! You are right about the packaging but I keep small containers nearby and transfer the amount I want to use in it. I still have some in those little evil bottles :P I have been trying to collect them all but stopped haha. A little goes a long way for sure :D


  28. I love NYX, wish I could see the colors on you :) I need lessons on my eye makeup.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  29. Beautiful Blog

    -Mia xoxo

  30. Love this post and also your blog!I just become your follower now! i hope you come back and you'll do the same! ;-)
    i wait for you! ;-)

  31. i have never tried these before! they do look good and extremely affordable! i wonder whether i can get these in singapore with such a low price..hmm.. well, thanks for the review! ;)

  32. Thanks so much for the lovely comment,lovely to read!Beautiful colours,Ive never tried this before,but by the sound of that amazing price,I definately want to shop around and find this product.
    Following your fab blog.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend x

  33. I've never tried them, but they seems so cool!! I like this post!
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    Cosa mi metto???

  34. Great blog! Followed! Follow back? :) <3

  35. The pink is going on my Christmas list!

  36. @Jo: Glad to hear that!

    @Chanel: Thank you!

    @Alex: these colors would be more of a day time look since they're really bright. but you could also use it as a high lighter for a night time look.

    @Dizzy: :D

    @Gertrude: Awh, definitely start again. :)

    @A!ko: Yes, that is a good a idea. I want to get little containers too!

    @Jen: Oh my, i definitely need lessons on my eye makeup as well. Practice makes perfect!

    @Trishie: Thank you!

    @Mia: Thank you so much.

    @Francesca: Of course. :D

    @Joanna: You can check out They're really cheap there.

    @Kayleigh: Yay!

    @Fabrizia: Thank youuuuu.

    @Makeup: :D

    @TheBlonde: It's such a pretty color. I'm sure you'll love it!

  37. great review, Im gonna try this!

  38. Nice review :) I love NYX, but I haven't tried these. That'll be next on my list!



  39. @Nina: Thank you so much.

    @Michelle: :D

  40. love it!!

    follow me :)