Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY: Arm Cutout T-Shirt

Hello everyone!!!
What I have for you today is a DIY. How exciting is that?
I really love DIYs. They're so much fun to do.

I'm going to show you guys how to make this "arm cutout t-shirt".
It's really simple and it takes about 10 minutes max, I promise.
I love these kinds of tops because they have a little sexiness to them.
You're showing skin, but not too much, which is good.

So, onto the DIY:

What you will need:

- a plain t-shirt 
(I got mine from Walgreens. Neon is the "in" color so I was super excited that they had it.)
- a pencil
- pair of scissors

Turn your t-shirt inside out.
Then mark a curve from the shoulders to the edge of the sleeves.
This will show you where to cut. It will also help give you a clean line.
Start to mark about 2 inches away from the neckline and end it about an inch and a half away from the end of the sleeves.

Afterwards, follow your mark and cut the curve.
Don't hesitate to just go ahead and cut.
Stopping then cutting and stopping then cutting will give you an uneven line which you don't want.

And that's it!
I decided to leave the the neckline and the seams because I didn't want it to look too "cut-out".

You can dress this up so many ways -- pair it with a big statement necklace or add a detachable collar for a more "sophisticated" look.
I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY! I know I did.

Send me a picture on twitter if you do end up trying it out. I would love to see it. :D

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  1. wow, carrie, i love the color!!! and what a cool diy project! i'm no good at diy projects (haha!), but i love it when other bloggers blog about how to do them. i love this style, definitely very sexy while still being modest. :D

    <3, Mimi
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    1. I know right!!! The color's just insane. LOL.

  2. Cool! And the fact you used a neon shirt doubles the trendiness factor of this DIY. I really wanna try this on a denim shirt though...

    1. definitely try it!!! i would love to see it.

  3. Oh new project for me to try right here - love it & really tempted to try my homemade version of the denim number. May go on a charity shop chambray shirt hunt I think, an under £10 bargain that I can chop at, . . . teaser you truly are. Happy Hump Day. x


    1. That's a very smart idea. Send me a picture if you do end up trying it! :D

  4. Love what you did to upgrade such a simple tee into something on the dressier side! Great diy!

  5. I love this DIY. I have a couple simple tees that I'll be doing this to this weekend.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  6. I love the cut outs style now and this is so simple i dont know why I haven't done it already! I also have seen some cut outs where they design the cut outs on the back of the shirt :D I thought of doing that with an old t-shirt but have not found a design I liked yet :D This is super easy though I want to try it. :D have you tried it with any other shirts/tops?



    1. This is actually the only shirt i've tried it with. I'm still on the lookout for an old t-shirt that I can customize to make it more modern. If you do try it, I'd love to see the results!!! :D

  7. Wow, it's amazing, thanks for sharing!


  8. Wow great idea!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  9. What a great DIY. I LOVE the simplicity of it. :)

  10. Cute DIY, girl! I love the neon color! :]

  11. That's such a great DIY!! Thanks for sharing! Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q

    1. You're welcome Suzie and thank you very much!

  12. I love tops with shoulder cutouts! And I also like the neon trend!

  13. I was wondering what to do with my old tees! Thanks!

  14. Super cool! I'll give this a try, thanks for sharing, carrie! =)
    Thanks for the giveaway as well! I am so happy to learn I won!

  15. you are great,it looks so nice,I like T shirts~I like DIY,too.