Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SEVENTEEN: Purrfect Nails

When it comes to nail art, I am a total addict!
My sisters always laugh at me when I show them a new nail art that I've tried. 
It's super fun to do and I especially love how it looks when it's done.

I'm not extremely good at nail art (I could use way more practice), but the process of doing it so relaxing to me. 
I love to go on pinterest to get new ideas and inspirations every time I'm about to paint my nails.

Here are some really cute and easy nail art idea care of SEVENTEEN!


How To: Add a little punk to pink with this trick: Apply one coat of white base color. (This makes the neon pop.) Then layer on 2 coats of electric pink and let dry. Take a tiny brush and paint random dots and spots on nails with green polish and white base. Seal with top coat.

I've tried something really similar to this except it was neon marble nails. 
It was a bit challenging to do but it turned out really nice.


How To: Give yourself the royal treatment with purple and gold! Paint 2 coats of deep violet and let dry. Then use the round head of a sewing pin to make the gold dots. Allow dots to dry and  seal with top coat.

Yes! Now I know how to make a perfect polka dot. I always butcher the polka dot design every time I try it on my nails. :(


How To: Your skinnies never looked so cute! Apply 2 coats of a dark denim color and let dry. Brush a lighter denim shade onto a makeup sponge and gently dab each nail to create a faded texture. Use a white polish pen for the stitch details and embellish with stick on studs!

Ooo, this looks like an interesting one! I just have to go get me a white polish pen. 


How To: Buff up a basic mani with an edgy detail. To get the look, start with 2 coats of nude polish and let dry. Using a skinny paint brush dipped in black polish, carefully paint a tiny triangle at the base of each nail - outline the shape first, then fill in. Let dry and finish with top coat.

This look is more grown-up. It's simple and sophisticated at the same time.
Maybe you could use a combination of more vibrant colors to make it more lively and fun.

What kind of nail art/design do you like to do?

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  1. lol the dog is so cute!

    I just posted my favorite products of 2012. What are yours?

    i would also appreciate it if you follow my blog too!

    1. I know right!!! Puppies are super cute. :)

      Hmm, that's a hard question, but my fave products would probably be my NYX concealer and foundation. :D

  2. Love these nail arts . My twin sister also loves to do nail arts and I usually LUV to tease her . But she's kind enough ;D
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. Haha. That's what my sisters always do. They always say I'm a such a kid. LOL.

  3. I'm a simple individual when it comes to nails. I've never really done a legit fancy nail art (shocking, I know). Mostly I just do classic and putting on some glitter is the only "art" I do hahaha. I've tried an ombre look once before though, is that considered.. yes it is lol. But it turned out horrible! XD

    1. Ombre is definitely considered as nail art. even something as simple as glitters! :D

  4. I'm pretty boring when it comes to nails - i use just one colour and even then it's always something neutral like beige.

    1. There are times when I leave it as it is. Sometimes, simple is a good path to go for. :)

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  7. I love beautifully painted nails. But I am horrible at painting my nails and it is actually a little stressful for me because it takes forever and all of the imperfections frustrate me so much. I have been practicing though so maybe eventually I get the hang of it.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    1. Practice makes perfect! The part that I really hate when it comes to painting my nails, is the drying part. I'm a very impatient person so that part's really difficult for me. Haha. :D

  8. Love these! I have so been wanting to try out some of the cool nail effects I've been seeing lately!


  9. Nail arts has become popular in Indonesia lately. I do love them :)

    http://pinkieanggia.tumblr.com ❤

  10. I love nail polisch!

    xx Mounia

  11. I love this post! I am so obsessed with nail art, it can be a bit fiddly but when it works out I feel so proud! Here, my favourite looks are the polka dots and bare necessity :) xx

    1. Same here! I get so obsessed with them when it does it work out. :D

  12. i'm not very talented when it comes to nail art, haha! i just paint my nails a solid color... the most creative i get is having an accent nail or two. ;)

    <3, Mimi

    1. Haha. I wasn't really talented at it either, but practice makes perfect. :D

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