Thursday, July 18, 2013

Let's Go Shopping: Bath & Body Works

Happy Thursday, my fellow bloggers...

I've noticed that I've been going shopping A LOT lately.
I just can't help it... there are so many good deals around. 
AND when you find a GREAT deal, you just CANNOT pass it up. 

My latest pick-up?
BATH & BODY WORKS items...

I recently got the their famous scented candles in Apple Crumble.
OOOOHHHH MY GOSH you guys, this smells sooooooo good. I just want to eat it!

I also god their Honey Sweetheart body spray and lotion.
I'm super obsessed with their body lotion because they all smell amazing.
AND they last the whole day, which is a HUGE thumbs up!

Also, please do check out my previous outfit/beauty posts...

What has been your recent buys?

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  1. i love bath and body works! their candles are super amazing, i gotta go check them out! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. I really need kind of this stuff, specially something good for my body skin...
    thank you for the suggestions, I really appreciated that
    The Land of Miabelle
    a New Shoes post is up on the blog with my new JC... Take a look

  3. Love when B$BW has a sale! 3 for 3 is the best!

  4. this is really big list of information,Write great posts…Any way, thanks for the tips