Thursday, July 25, 2013

Places to GO and SEE...

I'm currently daydreaming about the Harry Potter Studio Tour.
It looks so cool!!! It's too bad I'm halfway around the world. :/
In time, in time. Haha.

Staring at these photos will just have to suffice...for now :P

Agghhhh, I really really want go!!!
Doesn't it look absolutely amazing?! 

And to make it worse, this video makes me want to see it even more...


Have you guys been? Tell me about it!

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  1. that video literally gave me chills! i am a huge harry potter fan and it would be a dream come true to visit the harry potter studios, seriously! and not to mention, going to london is my biggest dream! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. Oh wow.. that's crazy! One day I will have to check this out :)

    I Pink i Love You

  3. I've never been a Harry Potter fan, and never will be, but those pictures are impressive!!!!! Very cool!!! :)


  4. I would die of happiness if I went there!

    (^з^)-☆ Dizzy