Sunday, August 25, 2013

Persunmall: The Girlier, The Better


Made of cotton.
Mint green shade.
Lace pattern.
Quarter length sleeves.
Round neck.
Loose fit.

I have been eyeing this top from Persunmall for quite some time now.
There was something about it that always got my attention, but for some reason, I always put off getting it. Until I finally gave in. Haha.

Now, I see why I was drawn to it. It describes me.
The bright color, the girly lace pattern, the scallop hemline, everything!

I paired it with my pink, girly, floral pencil skirt from H&M.
The top is already feminine by itself, but you guys know me...

It was extremely hot, so I opted for a high ponytail with my usual headband.
I have my watch and my bracelet, along with some statement rings.
The Coach handbag was from my mom. I found it while I was rummaging through her old clothes. JACKPOT!
And to finish off the look, I wore my brown gladiator sandals.

The mall wasn't too busy, so I got to do some pretty easy and laidback shopping with my sister.
And of course, a shopping date wouldn't be complete without Jamba Juice!
I love trying new flavors every time.

How about you? What's your favorite Jamba smoothie flavor?

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  1. First time here. And I should say you have lovely legs :-)

  2. loveeee your top!! its sooo pretty!! this look is amazing :D

  3. lovely top! and I adore your accessories :)
    we don't have jamba juice here in Singapore, but I like anything with berries :D

    1. Ooo, then you will LOVE Jamba Juice!

  4. That top is so pretty and the colour is simply perfect:) Have a great day, sweetie.

  5. This is a cute look! Very fun and colorful for the summer weather. I really like the crochet top too :)

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