Thursday, July 15, 2010

Murad Acne Complex Review

Like any other teenager out there, I am also going through the acne/breakout stage. And I know, firsthand, that it's extremely frustrating. I started to get breakouts when I started drill. I've mentioned before that I was in my school's drill team, and we had practice everyday from 3-6:30pm. And what I usually did when I got home, was basically eat, do homework, and then go to sleep. This was really bad because all the sweat and dirt in my face created bacteria which caused me to start breaking out.

Ever since then, I have been breaking out constantly! I literally tried everything. I think I tried about 5 different acne solutions. Some of them worked, while some just made it worse. And just when i was about to give up, I found the Murad Acne Complex:DDD

I was watching tv, and the commercial of Murad came on. I figured that it wouldn't hurt to try it. I was kind of "iffy" about it at first, but then I said "What the heck, I'll just go and buy it." Last January, I purchased it at Sephora and it was about $65 which is pretty cheap actually. The picture above is the package that I got.

I wanted to show you guys how it looked like, so I took a picture of the flap that you can lift up:D

This is the first thing you see when you lift up the flap cover. It's kind of like a window-ish of the products:D

The first picture is what you see under the flap cover. It tells you what the doctor says about the products. And he explains how it works and what it does to your skin. And the second picture is the instructions which you will find inside the 1st photo.

These are the 4 Murad acne products inside the package. (I'm really sorry if it looks like it's almost finished because I've had this for a couple of months now and I've kind of used it up already:D)

This is the clarifying cleanser. It's strong and the smell is really medicinal. But it's not bad. haha. When you're gently rubbing it on your face, you can automatically feel the minty, fresh "flavor" to it. And it definitely feels like it's doing it's job.

This is the Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel. It looks really liquid-ish but when you apply it, it's really slimy. And the smell is extremely strong. I really like this one because it really feels like it's cleaning your pores and your acne/breakouts. And of course, you'll definitely feel a little stinging:D

After, you apply the Exfoliating Gel, the acne spot treatment is next. You only have to apply this to your individual pimple. This really worked for me. I put it on before I go to sleep at night, and the next morning, my pimples are like almost gone:) You have to let it dry and leave it on for a couple of minutes before applying the Skin Perfecting lotion.

This is the very last step. And It works as a moisturizer. It may feel very oily when you put it on, but your skin will eventually absorb it.

The lady at Sephora told me that the whole package will last you about 3 months. And the reason why I still have some right now is because I kinda stopped using it. My dermatologist gave me another acne cream, so I postponed using it for awhile:/

And I just started it again recently. It definitely cleared up my skin before and it's still clear now. I still get breakouts here and there, but they eventually disappear. I would recommend it, but keep in mind that results may vary. It may work for you, but it can also have a different result on another person. But I think that it's worth a shot especially if it means getting clear skin, right?

What do you think? Have you tried it before? What was your results?


  1. I agree...You should give it a try and see what will happen:) I never used this product but I hope it will work for you,sweetie:)
    Kisses and enjoy your Friday:)

  2. Awesome review. I haven't tried Murad yet but might one day. Right now Peter Thomas Roth Acne Kit is working really well for me.

  3. Great review, Carrie!:D I like how detailed this post is! Very helpful especially to teenagers like you.:D

    I was a lucky teenager, I did not get a lot of breakouts but when I did, I used Obagi.:D

    Happy Friday!:D
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  4. I haven’t tried this yet but it sounds really good! Great post BTW.

  5. @Diana: i've been using it for awhile now. It works really well:D

    @Kristie: thank you. That's great! i'm glad it works for you:D

    @Marie: aww, lucky! i hate getting acne!

    @Dizzy: thanks;D

  6. nice review!

    glad it worked! yay for clear skiN!

  7. i have yet to try this.. im trying out mario badescu right now.. :) thanks for the review.

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  8. nice post, carrie! i love how you have a lot of pictures to help us go through the different steps. :D

    i didn't really have to use acne treatments, but i do get the occasional breakouts. for those, i use acne creams. :)

    <3, Mimi

  9. I've tried a few of murad's products but they didn't really do anything for me! Everyone's skin is so different though, I'm glad it works for you :) x

  10. @Breee: thanks.

    @lybs11: i tried that too. it was pretty good:D

    @mimi: you're so lucky!

    @Ariel: i know, right? everyone reacts differently to different acne solutions. i think it kinda sucks, actually:D

  11. Great Review.
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  12. Carrie this was an awesome review! I actually tried Murad 3 years ago and it broke me out even worst! However, I am glad it is working for you :)

  13. Yep, skin and hormones are unique to everyone, so all you can do it try! I was lucky to not have acne in my teen years. I've never really had it bad, but pregnancy and hormones just shifting in general as you age has really thrown my skin for a loop and I've had some doozies for breakouts! Thanks for the review...I might need it when I turn 80! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  14. @Irene: thank you! aww, really? that's what the other solutions did to me. it sucks.

    @StyleAttic: thank you for stopping by:D

  15. Great post. I don't have many breakouts but when I do I NEED something to treat it right away so I was looking at the typical Pro Activ. I'm glad I have another option if that doesn't work :)


  16. Thanks for this, It's a great review. Keep it up, and thanks for the award(a while ago) and comments Sarah..0x

  17. @Lorin: Pro Activ is the only one that i haven't tried. haha. lemme know if it works:D

    @Sarahhh: thank you for stopping by:D

  18. great review!!!

    im loving ur blog

  19. Great review! I bought a Murad pomegranate foaming cleanser once and it made my skin the worst it has ever been! This collection seems to be different though!


  20. @Anya: thanks. thank you so much for following!

    @Jessica: thanks. really? i'm sorry about that.