Friday, August 13, 2010

Forever 21 finds:D


As you all know, Forever 21 is my all-time favorite store! They have so much cute clothes and they are sold for such a reasonable price. Everytime I enter Forever 21, I can't resist but to buy at least one item!

The last time I was there, I bought a handful of clothing and some accessories! I wanted to share it with you guys;D

So here we go...


Woven top in Magenta/Olive


**I wore this when my family and I went to have some lunch last last week:D I paired it with my forever 21 jean shorts and a cute pair of flats!


Woven shirt in Turquoise/Brown


**I haven't worn this, but I'm planning to wear it to school.


Knit cardigan in Cream


**I love cardigans. This would be perfect during the fall season. Since it's kind of sheer, I wouldn't be that hot:D


Pink skirt with black belt


**I can't wait to wear this. It's kind of short, so I'm planning to wear it with tights during the winter:D


Knit skirt in navy blue


**I wore this last sunday to church with a light blue v-neck tee. I'm also planning to wear it on the first day of school!

Can you believe it's only $8.80?


Pearl/Chain Necklace in gold and silver

$10.90 each

**These pretty much goes with everything. I love it. It can make a really casual outfit into a somewhat formal one.

Forever 21 is also having a "hot summer sale" right now. They're selling things starting at .79 cents. Crazy, right?!

Go and check it out:D

What's your latest Forever 21 finds? And do you have any recommendations on how I should wear these clothes?


  1. Such a pretty buys...Love the first shirt so much:) Kisses,sweetie

  2. I got some GREAT stuff at F21 last weekend! I'm gonna post it tomorrow!

  3. I love Forever 21! These items are really cute! (:

  4. I love your pink skirt and those necklaces! I need to go pick up some necklaces! They have so many pretty ones!


  5. Great finds! I especially love the blue and black plaid top!


  6. Great buys. I love cardigans as well!

  7. great buys, carrie! i love forever21 as well, i think everyone does, haha! you can also pair your skirt with a cute tank top while it's still technically summer and the weather is still hot. :)

    <3, Mimi

  8. I love that cardigan, wish I could've found one like it when I was there the other day. I bought a bunch of clothes though, the outfit I wore today was all Forever21 :)

  9. Ohhh and I are exactly the same!! lmao!! Im in love with F21 too!! I actually got my order in today:) GO to my blog and see a few posts back what I ordered......LOVE all of their clothes..and I get tons of jewelry there too.....glad to be F21 blogging buddies!! I think everything you picked is awesome....Id wear the cardigan over the first shirt with the hot pink skirt....remove the belt from the skirt and cinch it over the cardigan. grab a pair of tan pumps..and you will be good to go!!!
    Great choices!

  10. Hey Carrie! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment! Now I'm your newest follower! :] Great blog! Keep in touch!

  11. I also love Forever 21 girl! :D

    cute clothes. You could pair the navy blue with a cute tank top and the Knit cardigan :)

  12. @Diana: thank you. i love it too!

    @Julie: Can't wait to see them!

    @Reyna: thank you so much:)

    @Beautylicious: me too:)

    @Nikki: Forever 21 has so many necklaces. i love all of them.

    @Stacieblair: cute huh? i can't wait to wear them!

    @Kristie: they're probably my favorite clothing:D

    @Mimi: i know, right?! aww, thanks for telling me that!

    @Jennifer: i will definitely check that out.

    @Collette: hhahahha. omg, were F21 blog buddies:D Thanks.

    @Sharon: thank you so much.

    @Breee: thanks.

  13. i LOVE the pick skirt! super adorable!
    you are a excellent shopper!(:

  14. @Megan: i love your name. haha. and thank you so so so much!

  15. You have good taste in clothes! I love that cardigan! I wanna go check outs whats in my F21 store now.. lol ;p

  16. the eyeliner i use is maybeline or hip loreal or revlon

  17. oh fabulous


  18. Oh I love your woven top and cardigan!

  19. very great clothes! I envy you
    I love forever21 too but I can't buy anything :(

  20. @Marissa: thank you.

    @Makeupwithpandabear: i just have an avon one and an elf in waterproof:D but i rarely use them. haha.

    @Minnja: Thank you for stopping by!

    @Laura: thank you.

    @Behindblueeyes: aww, why not?!

  21. I'm addicted to forever21 as well! I love all of their jewelry and that's what I've been purchasing from them lately.

  22. Just love the necklaces! So feminine and dainty!

  23. I love Forever 21! These are some great finds! You have a lovely blog! Hope you have a great weekend!

  24. @Diya: Totally. they have so many to choose from:D

    @Anya: thank you!

    @Staley Mc: thank you so much!

  25. Love all the stuff in here:))
    come follow

  26. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog!

    a teacup pom huh? those are pretty darn cute! :)

  27. @Eden: thanks.

    @RuthyAnn: no problem. and yess, they're so tiny and cute:D

  28. I love the magenta one, you have great stuff ;)
    I like your blog!

    The Clueless Glamour Girl ;)

    P.S: Thanks for following me!

  29. @CluelessGlamour: thank you. and no problem!

  30. i loved everything!! lol The skirts are so cute the white cardigan. Great items for going back to school.

  31. That cardigan will come in handy come Fall. I'm waiting for my order from Forever21 to come in.

  32. You found some incredible pieces! I find the key to success is patience! It takes a long time to sift through those racks!

    Enter to win a House of Harlow cocktail ring! (Retail value: $50)

  33. @Diana: thank you:D

    @auburnnotred: can't wait to see what you bought:)

    @Jessica: i knooww. hahaha. i spend atleast an hour and a half at forever 21:D

  34. I love that blue skirt, and I can't believe it was under $10. I share your affinity for XXI. Such a guilty pleasure, but without all the buyer's remorse. :)

  35. Love love love forever 21!!!! A few months ago I bought some cute vintage looking owl earrings! They are my favorite!

  36. i went to forever 21 recently & bought a couple of things for AMAZING low prices ! & i also just spent $119 on the Forever 21 website ! i bought a lot & i'll post up pics soon when my order arrives !