Friday, August 20, 2010

H&M finds

Hey guys! It's friday again! Isn't it crazy how time goes by so fast? I'm already one week through the school year. haha. I can't wait till I can say "halfway through it." But anyways, I'm just glad I'm going to be able to do some blogging this weekend:D

I know I promised you guys a review today, but I haven't found the time to test out my product. But I'm positive that I'll be able to do it this weekend, so please watch out for that:D

Now on to my H&M finds!


Next to Forever 21, I also enjoy shopping at H&M! I rarely find clothes there that I really like but I do enjoy their accessories section. I go crazy when I'm in there. I found so many great things at H&M last weekend:D


I'm more of a wayfarer-sunglasses-kind-of-girl. But I saw this gold aviator shades and I really liked them. They were only $5.95.

I've also been wanting a headband just like the one in the picture. It's so pretty! It was only for $5.95 also!


I fell in love with the pearl beading! I love how the gold chain is wrapped around the pearls.


This shirt was only 12.95. It's so cute! I don't wear alot of stripes but this one really caught my eye!


I love the folds on the sleeves. It give it a little puff when you're wearing it. Kind of like ruffles. haha.


Next we have this oversized sweater! It's only 3 more months before it starts getting cold again and I want to make sure that I stock up on long sleeves. haha. This was only $14.95. I can wear this with leggings, jeans, or even shorts.

Have an amazing weekend!


  1. I love that oversized sweatshirt!! And the puffy sleeves on the stripped top. So cute! Good finds, lady!


  2. @Anielii: thank you!

    @Julie: thank you, Julie! haha.

    @Michelle: thanks. me too!

  3. These are great finds, Carrie!:D

    I love H&M too and I like that oversized sweater!:D

    Have a lovely weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Great finds! I wish I had an H&M close by because they always have such cute stuff at great prices.

  5. Great find! Love that aviator shades! =)

  6. @Marie: thanks. you too:D

    @Staley: aww, that sucks. there's always online shopping:D

    @CharmingVanity: thank you.

  7. I love that headband, you could even wear it as a necklace!

  8. love that grey sweater !!! legging would look great with that sweater

  9. love h& a really cute purse there last fall. that striped shirt is so cute, I love the bunching on the sleeves!

  10. @SequinsandLace: omg, totally! thanks for telling me that:D

    @Curvesaheadmakeup: thanks.

    @Amanda: haha. thanks. really? they have really cute purses there.

  11. love the chain headband and the aviators!!
    p.s. I super appreciate you commenting on my posts. <3

  12. You got great things!!! Ive tried H&M a million times, Ill find something...try it on...and the clothes just fit me weird for some reason...Ill have to check out the accessory section....for sure!

  13. it the most pleases me be drown in belts sie this, sleeve has fashionable puffy, such dreams me ;DD

    it thanks I also, for comment and I wanted to apologize for my orthographical mistakes ;pp I am polka ;]] I have hopes, that you are not evil ;DD
    I became the oczywiscie of theses your follower, I greet
    Poppy < 33

  14. Thank you for the nice comment <3
    I'll follow you back ;)



  15. hey,
    thank you :)
    reallly nice blog....
    and of course i will :D

  16. Hahah that's actually not wierd at all, do you know what? You're kind of right! A few month ago I did a little ''test'' at the computer (just for fun) too see which celebrity you were most look-alike. And I got Julia Stiles;) Thank you so much for following me, I'm following you too now!

  17. Hey is lolodahling! Glad to make a new friend! Your blog is great! So funny,I just purchased that same exact striped shirt (puffy sleeves and all) but from Forever 21! Great minds think alike!

  18. love the top!! it's my bday soon so I'll probably have a look at h&m.
    i have just started my blog. can you follow me? thanks!

  19. Carrie said...
    this seems pretty interesting! i'm gonna go read it. haha. I love romance books! ahaha.

    i am now your newest follower. Come and check out my blog. and follow me too? thank you!


    20 August 2010 21:00

    Rebecca said...
    Hi Carrie thank you for commenting on my blog. You won't be sorry they're a great read! Ah thank you but I don't think you've come up as a follower of mine. And I've beat you to it, I'm already a follower of your blog...I commented on the harry potter post :-) I really enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by! xx

  20. Great shopping! I love the glasses and and stripe shirt.

    I'm a new follower! :)

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  21. H&M is the best! Love the necklace.

  22. I adore the stripes~
    so true time does fly!
    ...before we know it, the holiday season would be upon us~eek*


  23. Love these items, especially the shirt you can wear with leggings.. super cute!

  24. @Sharon: thanks. no problem. i love your blog!

    @Collette: same here. haha. but i love their accessories!

    @Keira: thank you!

    @Poppy: haaha. i am definitely not evil at all:D thanks for following.

    @Marlene: thanks.

    @Venera: thank you!

    @Agnes: are you serious? hahahaha. that's funny:) you guys could be like sisters!

    @Lo: hahaha. my sister got one from forever 21 too:D except it's red. haha.

    @Andrea: Advanced Happy Birthday! of course i wiil!

    @Rebecca: oh really? thand you so much. i'm gonna go follow you again!

    @BeautyAddict: thank you so much.

    @Karina: haha. it's actually a headband. but i think i can wear it as a necklace too:)

    @Len: it makes me excited. i wanna be in winter vacation already!

    @MyLittlePhotographs: thanks.

  25. Hi Carrie, thank you for visiting me at my blog and for your lovely comments... I'm now following you too. Your blog is happy and vibrant. You bought some great stuff! We don't have this shop here in Sydney Australia!! I adore the nautical top (blue and white stripes). Stay in touch. Pruxxx

  26. Nice finds! My fave are the headband and the oversized sweater!

    can't wait for winter! :D

    btw I also have a headband sorta like urs!

  27. Great Finds. I love H&M. Yay You

  28. @FlotsamFriends: you're so welcome! haha. thank you so much.

    @Breee: haha. thanks. me too:D

    @PrissyMum: thank you:)

  29. Love H&M! I have that striped shirt and it is super cute!

  30. gorgeous finds :) i bought the same striped shirt in blue and red - only black is still missing. how do you combine these kind of shirts? love your blog <3

  31. beautiful blog carrie! love your h&m finds, especially the jewelry.

    i follow your blog now; feel free to check out my site and follow me too.

  32. I adore H&M...and that stripy piece is sooo cool:)
    happy Monday,sweetie

  33. love the aviators and the grey top! come follow me xoxo

  34. @Kathi: really? all the colors in one? haha. thank you!

    @Cheryl: thank you! i will:D

    @FashionIce: thank you:D

  35. I NEED those sunglasses!!! Hmmmm... I wonder if my local store has them? Guess where I'm going tomorrow?? ;-)

  36. noo its just one colour ;) i mean i bought two of them, one blue and one red, hehe! but i think i also need the black one, in german online store its on sale right now for only 5,95 Euro :D
    wish i had forever21 in germany *sigh* :p
    have a nice day!!

  37. I love H&M's accessories oh and shoes, you can always get a decent pair of black shoes there.