Saturday, September 18, 2010

Polyvore: Homecoming Ensemble

Hi Guys! Thank God it's friday today! I have tons of homework but that can wait till tomorrow. haha. Oh and guess what? I start work next week! I'm not entirely sure where I'll be working but I'll let you guys know on Tuesday! :D

But first, I want to ask you guys for your opinion. My school's homecoming dance is on October 23, and I'm not really sure which look I want to go for. Our theme is "Mardi Gras: Under the Stars." Sounds cool, eh?

So I made a few Polyvore ensembles for you guys! Let me know which you like the best!

Ensemble #1

Homecoming #1


Ensemble #2

Homecoming #2

Glittery Gold!

Ensemble #3
Homecoming #3

A pop of red!

It's a really tough choice. HELP ME!

Which one do you like the best? Any suggestions?


  1. I like the second the best :) All of them are cute though! xxx

  2. @Anieli: haha. thanks.

    @Emy: thank you! i just really can't decide!

    @Michelle: i kinda like that one too. but i like the 1st and the 2nd one too. :D

    @Rocaille: thanks.

  3. Oh my God, the second look you put together is GORGEOUS! (: I think you should go with #2! :] And your homecoming theme sounds so amazing! ;o We haven't had ours yet, but last year's theme was "Winter Wonderland" in the middle of November! Well, I hope you have a great time at your homecoming! :]


  4. i think they all look lovely, but i would personally go with #3. the red will stand out against the black and you'll look lovely! x

  5. I love No1, especially the dress, but all are nice :-)

  6. i'm a sucker for black and red #3.

  7. I love #3! With some bright red nails and red matte lips I think that would look totally smoking.

  8. I love #1 and #3

    Have a great weekend :)

  9. Wow! It's very pretty. I bet you'd rock the party! Have a gorgeous weekend!

  10. #1 or #3!
    i love number one! :) its so cute and kinda looks intage but i like the black and red ensemble too! googd luck they are all cute!

  11. 2 or 3! Feathers and Sequins are SO in right now, i love how you incorporated them into your outfits.
    2 is a much more classic look. i think 3 has that edge with the feathers and pop of red that you NEED!

    i want to know what you decide!
    now following you too, carrie :)


  12. I like #1 & #2 the best, in that order.

  13. #2! Gold and black -- so regal!:D

    Great sets, Carrie!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  14. @Diana: thanks! i love that one too!

    @Runway: aww, thanks. i hope you have fun too! Let me know what your theme is when you find out!

    @Noheroinhersky: i think i'm leaning that way. thank you so much.

    @Laura: thanks.

    @Collete: thannk you!

    @Ching: hahaha. me too!

    @Mere: great! thanks for giving me an idea! :D

    @Ribka: thank you so much!

    @Fe: thank you!

    @Megan: now you see my dilemma! hahaha.

    @Marissa: aww, thank you thank you! haha.

    @Gymnotechieology: lots of love!

    @Marie: thanks.

  15. Hey! I started my own blog recently. I'd appreciate it if you could check it out and maybe give me some feedback? Any comments are welcomed! Thank you so much, and don't stop blogging - we all have a voice to be heard! xx

  16. Love # 1 and # 2 is a close second!

  17. I am in love with the first look! I am such a feminine dresser and I love pink. But the red and black set is beautiful too!

    Just stumbled upon your blog. Love the polyvore creativity - I am obsessed :)

    style activist

  18. i love all of them! but i think i would pick either #2 or #3. you did a great job, carrie! i'm sure you'll look great!

    <3, Mimi

  19. Gabby: haha. no problem!

    @Lindsay: thank you!

    @Style'n: thanks. haha.

    @Dizzy: hehehe. thank you so much.

    @StyleActivist: hahhaa. aww, thank you. i agree.

    @Mimi: thanks! hahha.

  20. Thank you so much for your comment=) I like the last collage most!

  21. Hi there - found you thru "Creating my own rainbow". Cute blog.

    I'd say one or three depending on whether you are feeling innocent and demure (one) or a bit vampish and sexy (three). Either way, you're gonna look good!

    I'm your newest follower - you can follow me to at

    Angel x

  22. lovely ensembles!! id prefer the last one (#3), just too cute :)

    <3 kathi

  23. @Agnes: you're welcome! and thank you.

    @Ablogail2: aww, that's so cool! and of course!

    @Melanie: thank you!

    @Kathi: yay, glad you liked it!

  24. oooh, i love #1, nude is so delicate and sweet!
    and thank you for your lovely comment


  25. ahh hard to choose, love them all! :D I love black and gold together, but nude is also a fave of mine, and the red shoes are fierce :D haha can't make up my mind <3

  26. i would go with #2...saints colors. lol.

  27. 1. Definitely. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

  28. how freaking hot r those gold pumps in the second essemble!!

  29. @Char: Thank you for stopping by! and no problem!

    @Katie: :DDD

    @Kristin: hahaha. i can't decide!

    @Delance: See? hahah. it's a very hard decision!

    @Panda: hahaha. hmm, i'm for giants! but saints are good too.

    @Kat: thank you.

    @Prutha: riight? they're so cute!

  30. It is a matter of your likes..
    I personally LOVEEEE the first look. It is classy and cute. You can wear it with a peach with black smokey eye, nude lips. Hair up or down, whatever you prefer. It actually looks like an outfit you would find girls from gossip girl wearing. Nice post.

    Love the blog, it has a variety of subjects! Thanks for subscribing, I am now following!

  31. Thanks for your comment, your blogs cool too, very interesting! I love #2, gorgeous dress!

    Alicia xo

  32. #2 is gorgeous !! :D
    PS: I love your blog! I'm going to follow you. hehe(: