Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now Playing: What's My Name?

Not everybody,
Knows how to work my body,
Knows how to make me want it.
But boy, you stay up on it.

You got that something
that keeps me so off balance.
Baby you're a challenge,
Let's explore your talent.

Hey boy, I really wanna see
if you can go downtown with a girl like me.
Hey boy, I really wanna be with you,
Cause you just my type.
Oh na na na na.

I need a boy to take it over.
Looking for a guy to put in work.
Uh. Ohohohoh. Ohohohoh.

Oh na na, What's my name?
Oh na na, What's my name?
Oh na na, What's my name?
What's my name? What's my name?

What's My Name? by Rihanna feat. Drake

This song has been blasted on my Itunes for weeks now.

It's so catchy! And I love dancing to it. :D

Happy Friday!


  1. I have to tell you, this song is on replay in my head! :) You got me singing this now. lol.

  2. i love this song! i was gonna post it on my last Tuneful Tuesday post! oh how can we be so connected lol. anyways I'm gonna email you soon and start our penpal-ship :P

  3. This is a fun song, thanks for posting the video!:D

    Happy Thursday, Carrie!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. I loved this song..until I caught my mum jamming to it :)

  5. it really is such a catchy song! :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. @Toni: it's really catchy, riiight? i love it.

    @Joanna: alright. haha. can't wait.

    @Lindsay: :D

    @Marie: you're welcome. :)

    @PrissyMum: omg, that's so funny! ahaha.

    @Sunny: me too!

    @Mimi: :D

  7. very catchy!<3