Monday, April 18, 2011

Beauty Watch: Big Bangs

A person's hair says A LOT about them.
Whether it be long, medium, short,
straight, wavy, or curly, it shows a lot
about their personality.

I have long, thick, dark brown hair.
Its natural texture varies. Sometimes it's stick straight,
and other times it's extremely wavy.


I have short side bangs.
I've always wanted to try big straight bangs,
but I'm scared that it won't look good on me.
But the good thing about this is that you can style it anyway you want.

Getting bangs is such an easy way to change your look.
Here are some celebs who are rocking the BIG BANGS trend.

1. Tyra Banks


2. Mischa Barton

3. Selena Gomez

4. Rachel Bilson

5. Kim Kardashian

6. Taylor Swift

I think they all look gorgeous! Especially Taylor Swift. She looks way better with this hairstyle.

What is your natural hair like? Would you try rocking BIG BANGS?

The hair is the richest ornament of women.

~Martin Luther


  1. Great pics :) i had banga...but they made me look like 7 years younger so i looked lika a 16 year old girl :P haha...maybe i'll think about'em when i'm older :)

  2. ups...bangs (instead of :)

  3. Great pics. Taylor Swift looks especially gorgeous with these bangs. I have big bangs too, but mine is a bit shorter than these girls as I didn't want my bangs to keep getting in my eyes!

  4. I'd love to have bangs but my hair is far too curly for it to ever look good, I'd just look like a poodle. ;)

  5. I have curly that I straightened every morning - oh how I wish I had simple straight hair (and my friends with straight hair wish they had curly/wavy hair, so no one's happy! :p)


  6. After the Devil Wears Prada came out a bunch of my friends went to get the Anne Hathaway bangs. Looks like they're back!

  7. I'd definitely have to try on some clip on bangs before chopping them off officially!

  8. I love bangs, I have bangs as well :)

  9. @Sparkle: they do make you look alot younger. haha. i think i'll get them. :D

    @Penelope: ohh, i see it. you look lovely.

    @CC: aww, you can straighten it.

    @Miz: that's exactly how i am with my friends. hahaha. they all want my hair. and i want theirs.

    @Maddie: haha. totally! and i love that movie.

    @KB: good idea. :D

    @BeatLovingMusic: yay!

  10. I would love big bangs and I actually like me with bangs but I have somewhat frizzy big curly hair and that never look good with bangs :P I can't straightened it either cause it wont last very long, but other than that, definitely yes for big bangs! :D


  11. ♥I love your blog so much.)) ♥

  12. @A!ko: aww. :D

    @Mary: Thank you soooo much!

  13. I tried bangs once - not good.

    If you do get bangs, would love to see the pics!


  14. Taylor Swift looks fierce! Love the look! xo


  15. I have been toying with the idea of cutting bangs again but haven't made up my mind yet! I love the way they look! xo

  16. @Shopgirl: oh forsure!!! :D

    @Kathryn: i know right. i agree.

    @Frankie: you really should!

  17. Hey!! :)
    I love bangs!! I always like to do them when I WANT a new hair do without being to risky!!
    But when I do have them it is a hassle because I have curly hair so I would have to straight them everyday!

  18. @Anielii: that's okay. :D i'm sure you still look beautiful.

  19. I have long hair with layers and big bangs.:D

    You should try them, it's fun!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  20. i admire people who rock bangs like these! i tried to have my bangs cut like that, but it didn't work out too well. problem with my hairline or something, haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  21. I had the big bangs before and now I'm growing them out! they made me look younger but sometimes too young, I was carded when I went to buy lotto tickets @_@

  22. I LOVE Taylor Swift with bangs! I think they really look good with her eyes and face.

  23. I've been teetering on the edge of getting a heavy, straight fringe - this post has pushed me over the edge!

    Although I think I've chosen a silly time to do it, it's so hot in London right now & I think it'll keep sticking to my forehead. All in the name of fashion :D

  24. I love big bangs, but with my round face it's not what suits me the most :(

    Feel free to follow if you like :)

  25. I have auburn brown medium length hair :) It's usually straight, but occasionally wavy.

    I had big bangs before, but I didn't really liked it on me lol.

    Maybe, I should give it a try again!

    xoxo, Bree

  26. I was just thinking about growing my hair out, but keeping short bangs. This is making me want to do that even more!