Thursday, May 19, 2011

Polyvore: What did you wear to your prom?

Since my school's prom is only a week away, I wanted to make a Polyvore for you guys.

I wanted to kind of create the look that I will be going for when my prom comes next year.

So here it is:

Prom: Glittery Gold

I love gold! It's a very elegant color. I'm thinking about wearing a glittery gold gown next year.

I just love this dress. It's very princess-esque and since I'm still not over the Royal Wedding, it's perfect. :D

I'll pair it with gold pumps, accessorize with a simple pair of gold dangling earrings and a gold clutch to keep my dress the star of the night.

What did you wear to your prom?


  1. I had a simple little black dress with black pumps :) i was all about black 4 years ago :P if i had prom today i would wear the dress i had for my sister's prom (u can see it on my blog a few posts back) with electric blue shoes&bag :)

  2. Gorgeous! I wore a beautiful black strapless gown with silver flower embellishment. It was really classy and nice.

  3. my prom was 3 years ago :( time flies by but I do love that dress! the dress I wore to my last one was this royal purple color, it was pretty

  4. WOW! That looks so nice. I Love gold too, it's so fancy. I wore a pale lavender color to my prom, 7 years ago. =)

  5. i feel robbed - we don't get proms in canada!! wah


  6. I love gold color too!!So cute:)
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  7. You will look stunning in that! How gorgeous. I wore a pink slip dress and a big billowy black puffy thingy -(the outfit sounds hideous!), this was 30 years ago, plus. i was an exhange student from NZ (living in New Canaan0 had a great time!

  8. @Sparkle: oohh, that's definitely pretty. :D

    @ScientificHousewife: Sound great! I can't wait for my prom!

    @CMB: There are alot of people whoa are wearing purple. It's a really popular color.

    @Kim'sVanity: Isn't it crazy how time flies by so fast!

    @Carrie: Aww, really? that sucks. do you guys have any dances?

    @Mary: thank you. :D

    @AboutLastWeekend: oohh, that does not sound hideous at all. :D

  9. aww, you would look cute in that ensemble, carrie! i wore a long sparkly navy blue dress to my prom -- can't believe that was two years ago! :O

    <3, Mimi

  10. Love the sparkle! I wore a floor-length black dress that had a sheer panel back. I would still wear it today, its a classic kind of dress.

  11. I love this look, its gorgeous!

    I wore a strapless black floor-length gown with silver beading around the high waist with black strappy heels. I literally waited until the day before my prom to go shopping for a dress haha.

  12. @Mimi: Thank you! :D I'm sure you looked really pretty.

    @Connie: oohh, sounds amazing.

    @LV.: Thanks. OMG, really?! i would die if its one day before prom and i don't have my dress yet.

  13. SO Pretty! I didn't go to prom T-T

  14. @Dizzy: Thanks. Really? why not?