Saturday, May 14, 2011

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Moisturizer Review


I have been jumping from one moisturizer to another for years now.
I don’t know why but I just cannot seem to find the perfect one.
The ones that I tried either made my skin dry or made it extremely oily.


Until…my sister brought home the Perricone MD Cold Plasma!
It is the most perfect face moisturizer ever. Not only did it decrease my breakouts but it also reduced my oiliness.

But wait, I’m not doing a review on that moisturizer. Today, we are going to be talking about the CLEAN & CLEAR MORNING BURST SHINE CONTROL MOISTURIZER.

After I ran out of the Perricone MD, I had to go pick out a temporary moisturizer replacement since that one costs $100! Crazy right? So I tried the Clean & Clear Morning Burst since I have been hearing a lot of nice things about it.


Clean & Clear Morning Burst
Shine Control Moisturizer

Directions: Use daily after cleansing. Apply small amount to face and neck to help keep your skin looking fresh and shine-free throughout the day

I bought mine from Big Lots for $4.99.
One bottle is 4 fl. Oz. I bought mine in March and up until now, I have not finished it.
All you need is a dime size on your palm and you’re good to go.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst is VERY oil Free.
It moisturizes all-day. And it gives you long-lasting shine-control.


The color of the lotion is just pure white. It may feel a tad bit sticky at first when applying it, but it dries overtime and it leaves your face soft and smooth.

Like the Perricone MD, Clean & Clear also decreases my breakouts. I’m always scared to try new face moisturizers since my skin is very sensitive and I breakout easily but with Clean & Clear, my face stays acne-free.

It has a light powdery smell to it, like a baby powder. It always reminds me of my younger days every time I apply it on.


Remember, it is extremely important to apply face moisturizer, day and night, every day!
It will renew and help smoothen your skin by the end of a long tiring day.



What moisturizer are you using right now? How is it?

What makes people look youthful is the quality of their skin and I don't think you can change that.
~ Nigella Lawson


  1. I laughed when I read from 100$ to 4$ moisturizer lol. Clean and Clear products don't work for me though :(. But the current Moisturizer i'm using for day and night is THE BODY SHOP Vitamin E Moisture Cream and its my 2nd tube. I'm liking it so far so good. ^_^

  2. @Crazypoplock: Right?! Isn't that crazy. haha. Hmm, i've never tried that before. Sounds nice.

  3. Wow, $4 is a lot better than $100. I haven't tried the Perricone but have heard great things about it. Right now I'm using Roc which I love, but it has retinol and might be too strong for you. xo

  4. @Debby: It really is. Hmm, Roc? I've never heard of it before.

  5. I use Olay! It is a really nice cream that doesn't leave my face greasy.
    Much love,

  6. Does this really control shine? I have oily t zone and I have been let down by so many moisturizers I'm afraid to try new ones. hahah Just because I feel bad that it sucks and I don't want to waste a whole bottle you know? lol

  7. Useful tips!thanks for sharing!


  8. i'm using benefit triple performing facial emulsion and it is AMAZING. i'll be sure to try this clean & clear one though.

  9. @Lydia: That's what my mommy uses. She also has the L'oreal one. Not really sure what it's called.

    @Leenda: I definitely get you! Ever since i've started using this, my face hasn't been as oily as it normally is. You should definitely give it a shot. :)

    @Francesca: no problem!

    @Frances: Sound like a great product!

  10. that sounds good! and yeah, the perricone cold plasma is super expensive!

    right now, i am using cellnique face serum and moisturizer. it works well for me, will definitely make a review on it soon! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  11. @Mimi: Cellnique? Oh I've heard about that before. But I haven't really tried it. Looking forward to your review. :)

  12. Good review, Carrie!:D This should be great for the hot SoCal summer.:D

    Olay Age Defying Creams are a staple for me but I also try other brands.

    Happy Weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  13. @Marie: Thanks. It really is. :D

  14. great review!! thanks for sharing :)

  15. I think I may have to run by big lots tomorrow and hope that ours has some in stock.

  16. Great review! I've never actually used Clean & Clear... I usually stick to Cetaphil... going to definitely try though!


  17. I'm using one from Givenchy Make-up (it was a gift, I'd never buy a cream for 60 euros) and it feels ok . How much is this cream?

    Always following The Dolls Factory

  18. I have the SAME problem! I also really hate feeling anything heavy on my face so something lightweight is a must. Currently, I'm using Olay Total Effects SPF 15 (cuz I'm old LOL) and though it feels heavy going on, it quickly becomes lightweight when patted on.

  19. Gawsh I hate all the overpriced products too! Clean&Clear kind of works for me...Thanks for the comment again, I've entered into the vlog world! So my new post is all about that ehehe :)

  20. great tips!! thank you!
    my skin is really dry but using korres products but I manage to have a moisturized skin.

  21. I have heard ghood things about Perricone, and great quote at the end, I think that is true. because good skin shows you are healthy and being healthy is the most important thing to being beautiful I think!

  22. ahh, that clean and clear morning burst sounds really interesting!
    i must need one hehe. hope i find it here in Norway :o
    i forgot the name of the brand i´m using right now.. hmm aloe vera something :p it´s good enough but that morning burst u mentioned sounded better:p
    i only use dove soap to cleanse my face atm x) hmm i don´t really know what to use otherwise..

  23. I’m using Clean and Clear’s Dual action moisturizer; I always keep going back to it!

    I’ll have to give this a try tho; I love Clean and Clear products!