Saturday, July 9, 2011

IMATS: International Makeup Artist Trade Show

The International Makeup Artist Trade Show, also known as IMATS, happened last last Saturday, June 25, 2011, at Pasadena.

There were all kinds of makeup brands and beauty products that were present. It was my first time to attend this event. And I have to say that it was a really great experience.

I got to see different perspectives of everything that has something to do with beauty and makeup. I witnessed people get transformed into something unique and fantastic. I'm even thinking about attending Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood when I graduate high school next year. It seems like a great opportunity and I'd love to work in the film industry.

Okay, enough talk! I want to show you guys EVERYTHING that I saw. Let's go!
(I'm sorry if it's kind of blurry, I wanted to make them big so ya'll can see it!)

This was the very first thing I went to!
I love fixing hairs and trying different hairstyles.
I have really long hair right now, but lately, I've been wanting to cut it.
So hair extensions would be perfect if I do end up cutting my hair.

Hair Accessories!
I love headbands, but not as much as much as my sister. She's basically obssessed with them.

Hair feather extensions
I got one in the color of pink.
I'll be doing a review on it. :D

Royal and Langnickel
I was invited to their "Royal Treatment" Media Event that happened on June 24.
I wasn't able to attend but it was good to see all of them at IMATS.
They were extremely nice.

I also got a lipstick from them.
I'll be doing a review on it as well.

Look all of these glittery eye shadows!
I'm obssessed with sparkles.

Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood.
After witnessing this, I am considering attending Cinema Makeup School and learning how to create this. It's insane right?

I wouldn't mind having this for a career. It'd be totally rad.

Goodbye IMATS! See you again next year.
I had the best of time. :)

Have you ever been to IMATS?! How did you like it?


  1. wow this looks like so much fun - everything you could ever want under one roof - i love the feather hair extensions just got some of my own actually xx

  2. I went sux I didn't see you !!! It was great

  3. Every time I see IMATS pictures I would drool :P It looks so much fun, maybe one day I would be able to go too :) Glad you had fun! Did you get a lot of stuff!!?


  4. This event seems amazing! Lucky you!
    Cinema make up must be so interesting and fantastic!

  5. @BlacksandBrights: oh yay! aren't they so fun? i love them.

    @Curvesaheadmakeup: Really? How did you like it?

    @A!ko: aww! I wish you can go next year :] Its a really great experience.

    @Angelina: Thank you. It really does. :)

  6. so jealous it looks amazing :)
    I'm hopefully going next year!! x

  7. wow! I never knew there were so many makeup and hair options out there. what a fun way to spend the day

  8. @Ruth: mhmm. they had a variety of brands. it was so much fun.

  9. @ChloeMia: It really was. Thank you for stopping by! :)

  10. wasn't it awesome?! you took a lot of great pics, carrie! and those hair feathers were such a big hit! :)

    plus i'm sure you'll be a good makeup artist if you end up pursuing it. :D

    p.s. come and enter my Perricone giveaway! :)

    <3, Mimi

  11. aw wwow i wish i had an imats where i lived. it looks so fun!

  12. Wow, great post! Looked like a fab time xx

  13. WOW! How cool is this. What a great experience!!!


  14. @Mimi: aww, that's sweet. thank you.

    @Donna: it's defintiely worth it! :D

    @Miss: Thank you so much.

    @FashionMeetsFood: It realy was. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. I went too! ;)
    It was pretty amazing!

    I got a feather hair extension too!

    xoxo, Bree

  16. wow that looks fantastic :O
    i'd like to be there some time :)
    fabulous photos!

    I'm a fan of your blog.

    are you interested of following each other?
    i'm a german photographer :)

    greetings from germany :*

  17. @Monkeys: THank you so much! I would definitely like to follow each other. :]

  18. So beautiful! SO happy I stumbled across your blog and found such a lovely site to follow =]

  19. Nice pictures, Carrie!:D Thanks for sharing.;D

    Cinema Makeup School sounds great!:D

    ***** Marie ******

  20. Amazing! Great Pics!
    I'm planning on going next year.

  21. @Marie: Thank you! I know right?!

    @Dizzy: Thanks. you really should. it's awesome.

  22. I have never been here but this would be my dream! XX