Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Product Review: Suave Dry Shampoo Spray

Ever been so busy that you couldn't find the time to shower, no matter how badly you wanted to?
Ever woken up late in the morning only to find out that you only have 10 minutes to get ready?



Out of everything, I really hate having oily hair.
It's very unattractive and I just cannot go through a whole day knowing that my hair is so oily and greasy.


It's a good thing that there are many solutions to these dire situations.
I love using dry shampoo whenever I don't have enough time to wash my hair.

It's very convenient and it saves you A LOT of time.


Suave Dry Shampoo Spray

This dry shampoo spray, with mineral clay, refreshes hair to prevent a greasy feel between washes. The dual benefit formula also helps re-style hair by adding lift and texture.

Directions: Shake can well. Hold 8-10 inches from hair. Spray directly on oily roots. Use heat from the palm of your hand to rub in excess powder. For oil prone hair, apply on first day hair is washed to give extra volume and texture as well as to absorb oil throughout the day.

This product works really well.
I try not to wash my hair everyday but at the same time I don't want oily hair either when I go to school so I use this in the morning.

It's very light and fresh, doesn't feel heavy on my roots.
It also doesn't leave a chalky, white residue like the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo.
It moderately controls oil and grease.
It adds volume to my hair and gives it a lot of body, which is definitely a plus!

It has a pineapple fruity smell to it. It may be strong at first but you'll eventually get used to it.
The yellow cap shuts the bottle really tight which prevents it from evaporating

The Suave Dry Shampoo Spray works extremely well for such a cheap price.

I hope that this review helped you guys!
Let me know if there are any other good dry shampoo brands that I can try. :D

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  1. honestly carrie, i LOVE your blog. It is so informative, and you always do reviews on products and then relate them to your everyday use....idk this blog is one of my favorites!!

  2. oh gosh, i know what you mean! i use salon grafix, but i think i want to try this product. i like that it smells like pineapples. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  3. @Edith: Awh, thank you so so so so much. That really means a lot!

    @Mimi: :D

  4. Thanks for the review, Carrie!

    I hate having oily hair too and for times when we are in a rush, dry shampoo is our best friend! I also sometimes use it after working out if I have to clean around at home before taking a shower.

    I'm using Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo right now and I am loving it.

    Enjoy your weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  5. :D I agree, your blog is awesome! and I have never tried dry shampoo, I have been looking around where I live and I haven't found any yet. Kinda sad :P cause I notice that now my hair gets oily fast and I hate shampooing them :P so I think this would be an awesome thing to have :D thanks for the review, it's very informative.


  6. Never tried dry shampoo as I have very dry hair, I usually wash them to replenish the moisture on my very brittle and dry hair. I'm sure it is very helpful for ppl who get oily hair within hours from washing them...

  7. Dry shampoos are lifesavers! :)
    I swear. I hate greasy hair and I know it's bad to wash your hair everyday, so this helps a lot.

    XoXo, Bree
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  8. @Marie: Ohh, that sounds awesome. I should check that out.

    @A!ko: Thank you so much for stopping by! Keep trying to find one. It's a really handy product to have. :)

    @Mery: :D

    @Lily: You can try hot oil to restore and renew your hair! It really works.

    @Bree: I totally agree.

  9. Thanks for the review! It's actually bad to shower every day. It's perfect for me because I very oily hair. Great review!

  10. I love love love using baby powder! I feel like dry shampoo leaves a funny coating on my hair! But baby powder just absorbs the oil! It smells really good too! New follower!!

  11. Reallly must check out some dry shampoo! My hair is so dark though I'm always worried it'll show up and look like dandruf ha-ha pineapple sounds like a lovely smell for hair though -very fresh!


  12. Awesome product review! I must check it out now!

  13. Great blog, very informative. If you want visit my blog and let me know if you want to follow and I will follow back.

  14. @Rosamond: Definitely! It's very convenient.

    @ThePresutti's: Baby powder? Wow, i've never heard of that before. I should try that. Thanks for the advice.

    @Sarah: I have dark brown hair and this dry shampoo doesn't leave any white stuff whatsoever. :D

    @Dizzy: Thank you.

    @GlamFashionista: Thanks.

    @Angelina: I know right!

  15. I've tried Suave dry shampoo and also love it. Not only for the price but the ease. It does kind of spray out white, but if you rub it in it's great :)

  16. I will have to try this brand out. I have super oily hair.

  17. I totally have been meaning to buy dry shampoo, thanks hun!

  18. @Jen: I know right! I am definitely going to repurchase.

    @Sara: Go ahead!

    @Tamara: No problem. :D

  19. dry shampoo? whaaaat?
    honestly i never knew such thing as dry shampoo existed! this is so new to me! i guess i never saw it being sold in where i live either.
    well this is a great review though! i feel like giving it a try if i ever find it someday :p

  20. I love dry shampoo. I've been buying it at Sephora, for waay more than that. I am on board with $3!

  21. Thanks for the comment on my blog :-)
    Over here in England I use batiste dry shampoo, it works wonders! It smells gorgeous too, if they sell it in American I really recommend it :-)
    fab post
    much love

  22. Great find! I love that it smells like a fruity smell ;)

  23. @Joanna: Aw, your comment is so cute! yeah, you should definitely try dry shampoo. it's great for oily hair.

    @Kelly: :)

    @Amy: You're welcome.

    @Taj: Thankssss.

  24. I try and limit the use of products in my hair.
    I make my own hair mask from the ingredients in my kitchen. My hair tends to be dry though but the mask works wonders. Try making a mask for oily hair and apply weeklý;-)

  25. Love this post so true and i hate oily hair too !!!

  26. @Fashion: ohh, i like the sound of that! All-natural.

    @CurvesAheadMakeup: Thanks.

  27. I have that problem, its so annoying! I apply it, but never thought of doing it on day one! What a great idea!

    Lovely review post!

    Girl about Town XxX

  28. @GirlAboutTown: Thank you for stopping by! :D

  29. Dry shampoos are one of my favourite products and what I call a "must have" for anyone!! I've never seen this brand before, I'll try to get my hands on it. I'm currently using Klorane and it's AWESOME!! It has save me so much time.

    Check out my review on it here!
    now following ;)

  30. @Dressme: I totally agree! Dry Shampoos are a must have.

  31. Great name and beautiful blog. Follow each other??

  32. Hi Carrie!!
    I'm visiting your blog ^^

    OMG! this dry shampoo..I wish they sell it in Singapore T_T

    Btw, awesome blog!

  33. I love, love, love dry shampoo! I couldn't live without it!! I have never tried the Suave & it is so cheap! I will def be frying it next time... thanks for sharing! xox

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  34. Great review :)
    Your blog is really nice!

  35. <i´m careful in choosing a shampoo. I need something that´s not too strong and a product that helps me save my hair from extreme falling. Great review, dear. :)

  36. @Karin: Why, thank you!

    @Pink: Thank you so much for stopping by.

    @Kat: Same here! It's amazing.

    @Luciana: Thank you so much.

    @Glee: :D

  37. I didn't know Suave had dry shampoo! I might have to check it out - you can't beat that price for trying it :)

  38. thanks for an inspiring post! there's so many things i wanna do with my hair! but oh well, just have to try i guess!

  39. @C&M: You are very welcome. :)