Monday, October 3, 2011

Easy Hair Ideas: 2011 Homecoming

Homecoming dances are just around the corner for most high schools.
It's the very first dance of the school year and it is usually the one EVERYONE attends.
I know, us, girls get EXTREMELY excited about dressing up and doing our hair and makeup.

We spend A LOT of time trying to decide which hairstyle to do with our beautiful locks. Furthermore, I know that we spend hours and hours just to perfect that hairstyle.

That is why I am here to give you girlies some simple hair dos that you can consider. They are really easy to do and at the same time very sophisticated and chic.

1.) The Ballerina Bun


Feel like a ballerina!
I personally love this look. It's very sophisticated.
I love to wear dangling earrings with this just because you can really show them off.

2.) Loose Curls


Go for a romantic glam look!
This is also one of my favorite hairstyles.
Not only is it easy to do but it lasts the whole night.
And the more you dance, the effortless and messier it will look.

3.) Braided Up Do


Add a Bohemian feel to your ensemble!
If you are going for a Bohemian look, doing a bunch of braids is the best way to go.

4.) High Ponytail


Look glamorous with a high ponytail!
This is a good way to highlight your dress. If you're wearing a sparkly dress and you want the attention there, this is the perfect hair for you.

5.) Romantic Half Up, Half Down


Some of us are really indecisive about whether we want our hair up or down.
Going for a half up, half down look will also look really pretty.
You can also wave the bottom part for a more girly feel.

6.) Side Braid


Stay casual with a side braid.
Whether it be fishtail or french, side braids will surely give you a more laidback look.
This can also work if you're trying to go for the simple look.

7.) Natural Curls


Go Au-Naturale with your natural curls!
If your hair is naturally curly, rock it. Add an accessory and dance the night away!

8.) Hair Bows


Accessorize with a hair bow!
Add a hair bow to your bun, braid, or curls.
It will come out super cute especially if your dance theme is 50's inspired.

9.) Headbands


Adding a headband will also vamp up any look.
You can wear it with your bun, your curls, or even rock it in the hippie look like Taylor Swift. Just remember not to over-accessorize!

I hope that this gave you girls a couple of ideas. I know it helped me a lot on deciding.

How are you planning to do your hair any upcoming events? If you've already had your Homecoming Dance, what kind of hairstyle did you choose to do?

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Homecoming means football, floats, and fun.
~Author Unknown

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  1. I love all the hair styles!! My favorite is the ballerina bun and I WISH I would have seen or thought of that before my homecoming!! I ended up doing my hair straight which wasn't anything special.

    Love your blog!!


  2. love all hair styles. nice blog :)

  3. @Danyelle: I saw pictures! That's alright. You looked really pretty. :D

    @Tara: Thank you so much!

  4. These are all beautiful hairstyles!:D

    I wore a ballerina bun with a hair bow - and that was way before Lady Gaga had hers!;D

    ***** Marie *****
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  5. @Marie: Awh, thank you. Wow, that's so cool. I can only imagine.

  6. i've always wanted to learn how to tie a bow with hair! looks so cute!

  7. Wow . . . i freaking love this post. I especially love the 2 side braid pictures you posted they are so pretty! Great job on putting all these pictures together. It must have taken you a while. Now I can come to it every-time I am feeling a bit inspired :D

  8. great inspirations.

    and i love your blog so much. nice photos and individual touch.:) i like!

  9. heeeey !how cute is your blog!!
    thanks for your comment :) i'm following you now!
    ope you follow back dear :)
    kisses from italy

  10. Totally loves the hair tied literally into a bow, but my fav look is the first set of braids right below it... braided on top with a loose mane on the bottom. I can't wait until my hair is long enough again to try something like that!!

  11. @FemmeVirtue: I actually kind of know how. It's really complicated though and it takes A LOT of practice.

    @Diana: It definitely took me time to gather all of these photos. That's why I'm really glad that you liked it. :D

    @Honey: Thank you so much!

    @MissFaty: Thank you :)

    @OneCraftyFox: I just recently cut my hair. And looking at that particular picture really makes me miss it. :(

  12. Love this! :D My call would be half up half down with natural curls and bow :D hehehe... I wish I went to school homecoming/prom I never got the chance :) and we dont have them here...booo~~


  13. @A!ko: That'd be extremely adorable! Awh, well you can wear them to any event. :)

  14. Lovely hair !

  15. all of these looks are so beautiful!! I love the curls with the braid across the top - so chic! Thanks for sharing love! xox

  16. oh my gosh, i am seriously head over heels for all these hairstyles! i would love to rock all of them! i seriously can't even choose one because i love ballerina buns and braids and bows and headbands... ;)

    i didn't attend homecoming when i was in high school, but for prom my hair was all curly and poofy. it was cool because i was the only one with that hair, everyone else had their hair up. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  17. I love them all!! They are so lovely ideas! :)
    Check out my blog and we can follow each other if you want

    Hugs and Kisses

  18. @Mimi: Awh, I'm really glad you liked this post. I'm sure you looked really pretty. :D

    @Claire: Thanksss!

  19. @Carrie: Totally :D I need to put an effort to my hair as much as my outfit ^^ sometimes having naturally curly hair makes me so lazy :P

  20. Lovely and superb hair styles. Like all....

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  21. @A!ko: You can definitely add a little something to your natural curls. Own it! :D

    @Gkaponox7: Thanks.

  22. Now I want my hair to be long, again, because these hair styles are just perfect!

  23. Fantastic ideas! Even for everyday wear :)

    Thanks girl!

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  24. I adore these hair ideas! Thanks for sharing 8)

  25. @Ariel: Omg, me tooooo!

    @Marie: Thanks.

    @Dizzy: You are very welcome.

  26. All great hairstyles! If I remember correctly, my hairstyle for homecoming was loose curls with a side pinned up! <3

    XoXo, Bree
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  27. @Bree: Ooo, that sounds beautiful!

  28. I'm feeling inspired by all the looks : )

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    xoxo aley