Friday, November 11, 2011

Product Review: Freeman Facial Clay Mask in Avocado & Oatmeal


Freeman Facial Clay Mask: Avocado & Oatmeal

What makes you feel beautiful and polished? New shoes? A great haircut? Natural ingredients for clean, soft, smooth skin?

Made with natural, botanical ingredients, new Freeman Feeling Beautiful is a full range of skin and body care products to help you look and feel your best.

This rich clay mask, with added oatmeal and Vitamin E, draws out excess oils and dirt, purging clogged pores, leaving your skin clean and soft.

As I have mentioned many times before, I love to wear facial masks at least twice a week. It's very relaxing for me and it makes my skin glow.

This Avocado mask unclogs pores and it makes your skin feel smooth after every use.
It reduces breakouts and prevents you from getting acne.
It also absorbs oil for those of you who have oily skin.

It definitely doesn't burn or irritate your skin like any other facial products.
It goes on very smoothly and you can feel a little tingle once it's on.


Here is a step-by-step on applying the mask.
I wanted to show you guys what the mask looks like when it's freshly squeezed from the tube, spread all over, and once it's dry on your skin.

The texture of the Freeman avocado mask is creamy and smooth. It smells very refreshing due to its "avocado-y" scent. It also has a hint of mint.
(haha. that rhymes!)


The Freeman Facial Clay Mask Avocado & Oatmeal is a great product.
I definitely recommend it to you guys.
I give this mask 5 stars. :D

Have you tried any of Freeman's products? How did you like it? Do you recommend any of them?

...the avocado is a food without rival among the fruits, the veritable fruit of paradise
~David Fairchild


  1. I love this mask! i have it too :D

  2. I have not tried this but the peel off and I love it.I as you love wearing masks!

  3. @MsRinz: Yay! It's awesome huh?

    @Pinkbeauty: I also like peel-off masks. They usually get all my blackheads and whiteheads.

  4. I've tried oatmeal masks, but this is a new product I'm going to try. Specially to get rid of the blackheads lol

  5. I have never tryed this brand and I am so looking forward to try it. Have a lovely weekend! <3<3

  6. I want to try clay mask especially if it peels off :D I want to peel of my face :P


  7. i love doing masker, such a comfortable feeling doing it :D nice review dear! <3

  8. Never heard of freeman masks, but you've inspired me to go do one this morning with the Estee Lauder clay mask I have on hand! The soft, clean feeling after is the best!

  9. great review! It looks like a good product and I love masks!

  10. Whey don't have that mask in The Netherlands.. :(

  11. @LoveSushi: You too!

    @A!ko: You should check out Freeman's peel-off masks. That one workd really well too.

    @Jazzy: Thank you.

    @Michelle: :D

    @Mitha: I agree.

    @Cara: Ooo, glad I was able to inspire you to do a review. I'll definitely be checking that out.

    @Daniela: Thanks. I do too. :D

    @LiveLife: Awh, really?!

  12. Great review! I gotta try it!

  13. ohh !interesting blog !
    keep updating !
    follow me and ill follow you back :)

  14. @Manon: You are very welcome.

    @Tariro: Thanks!

    @Smoking: Thanks. Will do!

  15. great review! i love avocados :))) i have to try this mask

  16. @Humanity: Thanks. I use this every night and it eliminates my breakouts! Gotta try it.

  17. I haven't tried any of their masks before, though I like avocados and heard they're good for your skin! I'll consider this, thanks!

  18. This looks delicious! I love face masks.

  19. This looks gorgeous I adore facemasks - they truly do make such a difference! I love the smell of avocado too so I'll definitely be looking out for this - your reviews always tempt me :P


  20. wow! that looks and sounds like a fabulous product!
    i'm going to have to try it out.

    happy weekend!

    i love your blog!

  21. Wonderful review! This sounds like such a fantastic product; I would love to give it a whirl! :)

  22. that sounds heavenly to have a facial right now, good review!

  23. That sounds like something I may need to try! I feel like my pores are always really clogged.

  24. That reminds me that I should treat my face some mask! Avocado sounds divine. :) I'm following you now, hope you we can follow each other! :)

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  25. I need to do a mask so bad... I def want to try this!! Thanks for sharing your review! xox

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like! :)


  26. mmm! This just looks like it would smell amazing, I will have to keep and eye out :)

  27. @Jo: Definitely!

    @Mariska: Same here!

    @Sarah: Awh, i'm glad to know that. :D

    @Betty: Thank you so much.

    @Erika: Thank you!

    @Krysal: Facials are so relaxing. Not to mention how it clears up our skin.

    @Audrey: :D

    @Grace: Then you should definitely try this product!

    @Romi: Thanks for the follow!

    @Alvaro: :D

    @MaryandDyer: Yay!

    @Sara: It definitely does.

  28. i have a peel-off mask from freeman and i absolutely love it! i've tried this one before, and i remember liking it. freeman is a really good brand! :)

    <3, Mimi

  29. @Mimi: I totally agree. I like peel-off masks as well. I love the feeling when I'm ripping it off my face.

  30. Avocado? Yes please! Thanks for the step-by-step directions. ;)

    Lots of love, B
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