Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Grown-Up Christmas List!

Happy Sunday Guys!!!
Can you believe it's only a week from Christmas today?
Wow, I sure can't. Where did the year go?

Since Christmas is next Sunday, I will be doing most of my Christmas shopping this week.
I know it's kind of late, but last week was finals and I was so busy!!!
Now I have a lot of time in my hands. :D
I decided to create a Christmas Wishlist post. Mimi actually inspired me to do it.
She posted her wishlist and I thought I should too. Just for the fun of it.

I'm going to stop talking now because this post is going to be a bit lengthy.
Mimi was right, once I started looking for things I wanted, I couldn't stop.
I had to force myself to close the internet window. *sigh*
So many nice things to want!

First off, let's start with electronics. These are more on the pricey side.
I think I'm going to have to save up in order for me to get these. (Unless my mom is reading this post right now. Haha. *wink wink*)


1. Canon DSLR: EOS Rebel T# 18-55mm IS II Kit

I've been wanting a DSLR for a while now. I broke my camera last summer. (Fell of the stairs and the screen hit the wall so it cracked!)
So now, I borrow my sister's everytime I need to take pictures for my blog.
A DSLR would be really nice. I love how easy it is to operate and the quality of the pictures that it takes is just unexplainably awesome!!!
I'm also in my school's yearbook committee so this would be of great use to me.


2. Macbook Pro 15"

Ugh, you have no idea how much I want a new laptop! I've had my Sony for quite some time now and it doesn't function as good as it did before.


3. Iphone 4s 32 GB

My sister has an Iphone and I have a blackberry.
We always end up on a discussion on which one is better and as much as I love my blackberry, I'd have to agree with her that the Iphone is better.
That's why I'm thinking about asking my mom for an Iphone 4s. Maybe we could half it.
I love how the screen is big. I'd be able to see clearly when I'm on the web. :D

*** *** ***

Next are things that I don't really need but I really "want". Haha.
There more of an everyday item. Things that I'll use in school, when I go out, in all my senior activities, or just when I'm at home. :D


From Ray-Ban:

I really really really want some Ray-Ban wayfarers.
I actually had one but my mom sat on it in the car. We were on a roadtrip and I was looking for them, and when my mom stood up, there it was, crushed, bent, and broken. :(
Sooo, I think someone owes me a new oneeeeee...


4. RB1240 901/58 Original Wayfarer

* * *


From TOMS:

I got my first TOMS in the summer. They're the Women's Classics in Ivory.
They're super duper comfy. I can wear them forever.
They're also very long-lasting. I want another pair in red and in black.
They go really well with pretty much anything. I wear mine with rompers, short, dresses, jeans, everything!


5. Red Stone-Washed Cord Women's Classics


6. Black Canvas Women's Classics

* * *


From Lulu's:

I was reading Bree's blog and she mentioned Lulu's in one of her posts.
I decided to go check out their website and I loved everything!!!
Especially their shoes.


7. Wild Diva Tosca 01A Camel Knee High Riding Boots

Brown Leather Riding Boots are definitely on my list!
I've been meaning to buy myself a pair but I never get the chance to.
All of my boots are suede, so a leather pair would really do me good.
Especially on rainy days.


8. Qupid Onyx 01 Nude Velvet Party Platform Pumps

Another thing that I have been wanting are nude pumps.
I got my first and only pair of black lace pumps last last year so I'd like to add on to it with this nude pair.
I will definitely be using this a lot next year because that's when all my senior events really start to kick in. ;P


8. Bamboo Covina 10 Gold Sequin Party Platform Pumps

Okay, so these shoes are not really needed but c'mon.
THEy ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PRETTY! I had to include this on my wishlist.
I can stare at these beauties forever. *sigh*


9. Blaque Label Supernova Black Sequin Dress

I need this dress!!! Look how beautiful it is. It's so sparkly and glittery and the open back is just... *sigh*
I'm definitely swooning over this dress.
I'll probably wear this to my winter formal or my school's Sadie Hawkins dance.

* * *


From Forever 21:
(My favorite store of all-time!)

Lately, I've really been into chunky knitted sweaters and cardigans.
They keep me warm and cozy in school while still looking cute. So if there's something that anyone could give me, it's chunky oversized sweaters: affordable and practical.
I want to stock up on them!!!


10. Striped Sweater Tunic


11. Aztec Patter Sweater


12. Mixed Knit Long Sleeve Sweater


13. Fuzzy Textured Cardigan


14. Longline Abstract Open Cardigan


15. Crochet Knitted Cardigan


16. Geo Pattern Trapper Hat

My brother and I want to get matching trapper hats. They're soooo warm.
We were telling each other what we wanted for Christmas and we both said "TRAPPER HATS!" Haha.

Aside from the material things, I think that the most important thing about Christmas is being with your family.
Just celebrating it with them and knowing that you survived another year is the greatest present anyone can give you.

And also REMEMBER, it's not always about taking and receiving, Christmas spirit is also about giving and making other people happy. :D


What's on your wishlist? Have you gone Christmas shopping yet?

Christmas gift suggestions: to your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a costumer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.
~Oren Arnold

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  1. Now this is a list. I love Canon and would love to have that camera. My laptop is on its last leg. I think I'll get a MacBook Pro next.

  2. I'll take all those electronics ;) (except the computer, I already have that, haha)

  3. @Dr.Reginia: LOL. I hope it wasn't too long for you guys. I want a Macbook Pro!!!

    @ClosetFashionista: Aha. Me too, pleaseeee

  4. LOVE this wish list! Your blog is so cute :)

    xoxo, H

  5. Great list! Just so you know, I heart my MacBook. I used to be strictly a PC girl but the Mac changed everything. It is ultra-reliable, starts up super fast, and never gets a virus (knock on wood). I've had mine for 5 years now and zero problems. I will forever be a Mac user now.

  6. Amazing list, Carrie! Maybe i should make a wishlist as well, it's such a cool idea! I could also use some of those dresses and high heels for high school events. Oh and a camera too, gotta start taking photos for my blog, right? Lol.

    --Olivia :)

  7. i want a new camera too! i broke mine as well... sad

  8. I want a DSLR so badly. I have a pretty good camera at the moment but nothing beats the quality of a DSLR. So expensive though.

  9. Wow, what a huge list this is! I love your picks. I wish you can get all of them! I also want a DSLR and I absolutely love chunky sweaters and cardigans. Also, how awesome is that sparkly pair of pumps? I want it too! <3

    P.S. Thanks for the mention! I love Lulu's. ;)

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  10. I am loving all your choices! Love the iPhone.

  11. Wow, great list. I would love a DSLR, so expensive though. Have a great christmas.xo

  12. I LOVE trapper hats! I wore one for a blog entry a while back which belonged to my hubby.

    You are gonna love yours when you get it! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog dearest, happy holidays!

  13. Great list! I love that sequined dress! I might have to get one myself! xo

  14. @Hannah: Awh, thank you so much!

    @SewPetiteGal: That's exactly why I want a Macbook! Aaahhhh. LOL. Thanks for your input. :D

    @Olivia: Thank you very much! You definitely should. It's quite fun once you get started.

    @FemmeVirtue: I know right?! I miss my camera.

    @CollegeBeautyJunkie: Agreed!!!

    @Bree: Totally! So many things to want this Christmas.

    @Dree: Thank you. Same here.

    @Ant: I know! That's why I need to start saving up.

    @Manon: :D

    @JustTutuTiny: Really?! My little brother and I really want matching ones. That would be sooooo cute.

    @FashionMeetsFood: Glad you liked it!

  15. Yeah I need camera ;((( so it'd be my 1st if anyway'd ask ;p
    Tht b;ack dress - I WANT IT!! :)))

  16. wowza what a wishlist and a looooong one too!:) i love the canon dslr, iphone 4s!! thanks so much for your lovely comment!:) xx

  17. @RoxxyC: Isn't that dress so pretty?! I love it.

    @Rakshan: I'm sorry if it's too long of a list. I just couldn't stop. Haha.

  18. I kinda like everything on this list! I love all the shoes and the clothes you picked out, I could really use those too. And the story about your wayfarers is equal parts sad and funny. And I do think your Mom owes you a new pair of sunnies. ;)

    Love, Belle

  19. wow thats a long list of goodlies there! i hope u get every single item u've listed here and more this X'mas...have a merry one :)

    As for me...all I want for Christmas is Jude Law hahaha


  20. Hi Carrie,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Sadly I'm not on Twitter so I can't enter your giveaway, but it was lovely to hear from you all the same...
    This is a great Christmas list! I hope Christmas brings you everything you want!
    Mona x

  21. wat a long n lovely list!! :D hope u get evrythin u want :)
    im followin u hope u follow me bac :)

  22. @Belle: Haha, thanks!

    @Persis: Oh my, Jude Law wouldn' be too bad either.

    @Mona: Thank you! No worries. Thank you stopping by.

    @PriyankaD: Awh, thanks.

  23. I think I am getting a lot of clothes for Christmas. And I just treated myself to two new pairs of shoes and a few new handbags. But I could absolutely use that computer and camera for Christmas. Both my camera and computer have definitely seen better days and need to be updated.

  24. I loveeeeeeeeeee those boots you picked out on lulus. I also totally want a iPhone... AND i totally just ordered that mustard sweater from Forever21. I love that sweater too :)

  25. you have a really cute style and you just gave me an idea for my new post

  26. @Yiqin: I hear a lot of good things about it.

    @Sunny&Star: Ooo, sounds like you're already haveing a great Christmas!

    @AshLousise: Aren't they a beaut?!

    @Josephine: Thank you!

    @Kianna: Awh, thank you so much.

  27. this is definitely a grown up christmas list, and i love it! oh and i still haven't finished my christmas shopping. i'm kind of ridiculous!
    xo TJ

  28. gosh i want everything too :)

  29. I love your list. I want a pair of glitter Toms for Christmas, but I do like the cord Toms. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comment.

  30. @Michelle: :D

    @Carrie: Same here! You're very welcome. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  31. really really kinda craving an iphone! ooy.

    such a great list. i hope you get eeeeeverything! ;)


  32. i still gonna make for this coming december..haha..but i love your wishlist though! glad i got my ray-ban wayfarers from my older brother which is really vintage..i started wearing them before and people look at me in disgust hahaha and never thought wayfarers will get back in style :D i love them soo much! XX