Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Product Review: Go Jane


Go Jane is an online store that sells a variety of products.
You can find clothing, accessories, and shoes on their website.
I've always been intrigued by this store because of their affordable price range.
I was curious whether or not they were good quality products.

I was lucky enough to have been given the chance to try out one of their merchandise.
You have no idea how excited I was!


I spent hours browsing through their website.
In the end, I chose the Buckle Strap Riding Boots.
It retails for $33.70 and it comes in 3 colors.


I have been looking for a nice pair of riding boots and this was absolutely perfect!
I love the color. It matches pretty much anything (which is good).
It's super comfy. It's light and easy to walk in.
The leather is super soft and the inside is lined with cotton for extra comfort.


It has a buckle in the front, which I think adds a little something to the boot.
I like this buckle because you can adjust it to make it loose or tight


It also has a zipper on the inner side to make it easier to slip it on.


It fits great in the calf area. It gives me enough room to slip in my jeans or leggings.
The fit is somewhat snug (which I love!).
It has a little opening in the upper back area to give more space.

*** *** ***

How would I wear it?


Since they are riding boots, I want the outfit to have an equestrian feel.
Aside from looking cute, this outfit will also keep me warm and toasty this winter season.

I would wear my black cable knit sweater and pair it with white leggings or jeans.
I have my brown Ralph Lauren knee high socks which I would wear over my leggings.
I want it to peek out of my boots just to make it look cuter.

Of course, an outfit would not be complete without accessories.
I'm taking my orange Pashmina and wrapping it around my neck to make it look like a round scarf. I chose orange because it will liven up the outfit.
I'm also going to wear my gold bangles just for a touch of girly-ness.
And of course, to finish off the look, I would need to wear my new riding boots! :D

Have you guys ever shopped at Go Jane? Tell me about your experience!

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  1. great review!! love your posts!!


    1. For some reason I cannot comment on this blog, but I wanted to give my review. I received two pair of boots from GoJane.com this Christmas. BOTH I am extremely obsessed with and are in great condition. My tall riding boots ( a lot like Carries) I wear basically every day and they are in great shape! I also have tall gray suede boots, they are sexy and SO SO comfy!!!!!

      EVERYONE needs to try it out!

    2. @OhMyDior: Thank you so much!

      @Lacey: Thanks for your input. I totally agree with you. Aside from looking cute and stylish, they're super duper comfortable. I love my boots. :D

  2. I've always wanted to try buying something from go jane but like you i'm not sure if the quality is good. Thanks to this post though now i know they are good. =) I am definitely gonna go get something from them.

    --Olivia :)

    1. Yay! Glad I could help. You won't regret it, I promise. :D

  3. great review and I loved your styling of the boots as well :)
    following you now :)

  4. I've actually really been wanting to buy riding boots, but I'm not nearly tall enough to pull it off. Such a bummer! Anyways, I am loving the outfit you put together. You definitely achieved the equestrian look you were going for. ;)

    Lots of love, B
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    1. Thank you! I think everyone can rock riding boots. Tall or short. :D
      Go Jane also has booties. Just a heads up. ;D

  5. Oooo riding boots :D I have always wanted boots...but its really not the place to wear it where I live. Soon maybe :D I love the outfit you pair with your boots...I imagine Aria from Pretty Little Liars :P or Spencer ...hehe



    1. Ooo, that's definitely a compliment. I love Pretty Little Liars fashion. They all have their own style.

  6. The shop is amazing and the price is so good! You are so lucky you got to try them. & btw the boots are a treasure!

  7. Those boots are amazing. I would love to own them.

  8. I bought a couple of dresses from Go Jane last year and I still love them! I've never tried getting shoes from them though. Must try that.;)

    Love, Belle

  9. i AM GOING ON THEIR PAGE RIGHT AWAY! great blog by the way , following you now!
    check out mine :

  10. the boots look awesome.. shall check out their stuff now

  11. Nice boots! and the 1st photo is amazing



  12. I've never shopped there, but those boots are totally cute!

  13. hello pretty! lovely blog! hope we can be friend! mind to follow me? i will follow u back! :)

  14. hmmm have never heard of that online store before.. love the boots, they are amazing... great find! x Marina

  15. It is so pleasant reading that a store with low prices sells good quality product!! This is awesome!
    This boots are great as well!!


  16. ooooooh, nice boots!!! i've never tried buying anything from go jane, but i think i'll check out their stuff. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  17. I absolutely LOVE GoJane and have purchased several items from the site! I am interested in doing a review for them as well, how did your review come about if you don't mind?

    Also, I love your blog and am now following! =)


  18. Hi! :) I just wanted to ask what size you got and if this website is true to size. I want to get the same exact boots but I've never bought shoes online before and I'm quite scared they wont fit me and I'd have to pay return shipping and go through all that mumbo jumbo. I normally range from 7 to 7 1/2 so I'm not sure which size to get. :( Help?