Thursday, February 2, 2012

Product Review: St. Ives Daily Hydrating Vitamin E Body Lotion


St. Ives Daily Hydrating Vitamin E Body Lotion

Drench your skin in nutrient-rich hydration with this St. Ives Hydrating Vitamin E Lotion. Packed with the powerful antioxidants of Vitamin E, this formula provides immediate moisture, while helping to protect against future dry skin. Apply daily to maintain hydrated skin that looks and feels soft, smooth and healthy.

This is the "new and improved" formula of the Vitamin A & E lotion.
I'm not quite sure why they dropped the "A". Haha. Everyone seems to not like this particular lotion.
However, I never tried the old formula so I don't really know how it compares to the new one.

I don't think there's something really unique about this lotion.
It is hydrating, just like any other lotion out there.
It's not as fast absorbing as it says on the label. And it is a bit greasy at the beginning.
But my skin eventually absorbs it.


It has a pump for easy application. I love it when lotion are packaged with a pump.
It saves me time in the morning when I'm running late.
Just pump some into my palms and I'm ready to apply! Haha.

Another thing that people didn't like about this product is the fragrance.
They said that it's too perfume-y. I totally disagree.
It smells just right. I like the smell of my lotion to last all day and this one does the work.
Now, it may be too sweet-smelling for men. So I don't recommend this if you are a guy.
I know the old formula had a bit more of a neutral smell.


Have you guys tried the "new and improved" St. Ives Vitamin E Lotion? How do you guys like it? Was the old formula better?

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  1. I haven't tried it yet, but this was a really helpful review, thanks!

  2. Great review! I love all St.Ives products and
    want to try this one now, thanks for sharing!

    Lacey xoxo

    1. I know! I like St. Ives products too. They're great.

  3. I adore St. Ives products, though I haven't tried this new and improved version...I'll definitely be trying it soon!
    Thanks so much for the heads up!
    xox kris

  4. I think I tried the old formula, but I don't remember how it worked for me. I'd be willing to try this one out though.:)

    Love, Belle

    1. I really want to try the old formula just to see how it compares.

  5. cool blog!!


  6. I've already liked St. Ives for their scrubs... but I definitely think that there are better lotions out there for a similar price range.

  7. I have never tried this... Does look interesting. How do you compare it to Aveeno?

    1. Hmm, I actually haven't used Aveeno as much so I'm not entirely sure how it compares. That's one product I will definitely try.

  8. i have never used this product but would definitely love to try! might be a great solution to my dry skin.


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  10. I haven't tried it yet but i think it nice review maybe someday i'll try.hihi

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  11. We have not tried this yet! We have used the St. Ives scrubs though and they were nice.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  12. I haven´t tried it, but I love this brand, so I am sure I will! Have a lovely week <3<3

  13. st ives is sucha greeat product <3

  14. I think my mom has this kind and brand of lotion. I will ask her how she likes it.

    --Olivia :)

  15. St. Ives usually works for me so I'm sure this body lotion will be good to try. I'll keep it in mind when I go lotion shopping haha. :)

    Lots of love, B
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  16. i got this particular one before, and i agree with you -- this is a good lotion but it's really not extraordinary. despite that though, i still like st. ives. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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