Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Clinique: A Season's Worth Of Pretty

20 more days till Christmas, you guys!!!
My excitement is seriously getting greater and greater by the minute. 
How about you? Let me know how your Holiday preparations are coming along in the comments below. 
I would LOVE to hear all about them.

I also have a great gift idea for those of you who are still doing their Christmas shopping.
So keep reading if you'd like to see what it is! :)

Last Christmas 2011, I received Clinique's A Season's Worth Of Pretty Palette from my sister.
I haven't used it until now. 
And let me tell you, this is now my favorite winter time palette!
It's seriously so amazing! 
I can create many different looks using this kit.
I'll be using this non-stop this winter, that's for sure.

The package includes:

- the palette
- a guide to A Season's Worth Of Pretty Palette makeup looks

Don't you just love the palette design? 
My sister got me the pink one because I am in love with the color pink.
I also really like the flower pattern. It's super girly. I LOVE IT!

This is the mini makeup tutorial they include to guide you if you're a beginner.
I think it's pretty clever. 
It directs you step-by-step on how to create a particular look.

The looks included are:




TADA! Here is what the palette looks like.
It's divided between lips, eyes, and cheeks.
A brush for each section are also included, so it's super duper convenient.
It's also great for traveling. 
Yes, the size isn't really ideal for packing and whatnot, but you have almost everything you need -- lip color, eyeshadow, and blush. 
All you need to bring are some extras like mascara, eyeliner, foundation, etc.

The Butter Shine Lipstick colors are:

Shade 1 -- Crushed Grape
Shade 2 -- Pink Goddess
Shade 3 -- Persian Red
Shade 4 -- Adore U
Shade 5 -- Ambrosia

These lip colors are really moisturizing. 
They also leave a pretty gloss and it's a great finishing touch to a whole look. 
I am in love with SHADE 3!!! It gives my face a nice pop of color.
It's also perfect for those lazy days when I don't really feel like putting that much effort on my look. 
I just put the Persian Red lipstick on and I'm good to go. 

The Eye Shadow colors are:

Shade 6 -- Like Mink
Shade 7 -- Polar blue
Shade 8 -- Pink Chocolates
Shade 9  -- Pure Cocoa
Shade 10 -- Plum Potion

The eye shadows in this palette are incredibly subtle. 
They're great for those who are new to makeup. 
You'll be able to practice different eye looks whether you're going for a simple or a daring look.
My favorite color is SHADE 8. 
It's like a pink champagne color, so I think it would be perfect for my everyday makeup this winter time.

The cheek blush colors are:

Shade 11 -- Pink Love
Shade 12 -- Precious Posy
Shade 13 -- Sunset Glow

I am a complete blush addict, so this would probably be my favorite part of this palette.
I really like SHADE 13 because it's like a peachy color.
I don't have this shade yet in my blush collection, so I really love that one.

I'm not entirely sure if Clinique will be putting this palette out this Christmas time, but I think it's a seasonal kind of thing so they should be.
BUT if they're not, I'm sure you guys can still find something similar to it. 
I think an all-in-one makeup palette would make an incredibly awesome Christmas present!

Do you guys have Clinique's A Season's Worth Of Pretty Palette? If not, would you be trying it out this winter time?

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  1. Love how much comes with this!! It would be so much fun to experiment with!!

    1. Totally!!! It's really fun to just create your own looks. :D

  2. how awesome is this?! i love clinique and i love how they always have all-in-one products! :D

    p.s. persian red totally caught my eye! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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    1. I agree!!! I'm actually using their skincare products right now and it's amazing. :D

  3. Oh that's great, I love Clinique!

  4. What a great set, they look like the perfect range of colours!

  5. Cute palette :)
    I'm having a giveaway where you can enter to win gorgeous leather bracelets from Dobel!
    Come and enter XOXO

  6. wow what a pretty palette!! I've been using Clinique skincare for God knows how long, but never came across this awesome thing!! thanks for the review! <3

    1. Thanks Joanna! I recently tried out their skincare too. It's great!

  7. i love all in product. this is cool :D

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  8. what a gorgeous palette!!


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  9. I have something like that myself from clinique, I'm really happy with it :)

  10. I've actually been eyeballing this. Very good review !
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    xo Amy,

  11. The Clinique palettes are some of my favorites. These make really great stocking stuffers!

  12. Adoro <3 (: Reb, xoxo.
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  13. I love it - and I am just looking for a christmas present for myself :)

  14. Seriously, how cute are these palettes? I want!! :)

  15. These palettes are awesome . And looks so moisturised <3 AH I wish my sister could also gift me something awesome like this , but there's always a twin quote , they don't exchange gifts -_-

  16. As usual, I'm waay behind on my holiday prep...whoops. I blame finals. That palette looks awesome!

    1. Awh, I hope you finish it soon! And yes, finals are killing everyone right now, it's insane!

  17. love clinique! they have the best products. have you tried their face wash kit? its amazing :)

    1. My sister got me their acne skincare wash. It's pretty awesome :)

  18. this palette is so cute!!! NEW POST! VOTE ME!!!

  19. I love clinique, their products are awesome :)

  20. I have to check these out! Love when they come with explanations on how to use them :D

  21. obsessed with pink! how could you have waited a year to pop this open, it's gorg!

    1. I know. I was asking myself the same question. LOL. But now, I'm obsessed!!!

  22. Really love the eye shadow colours! 7 and 10 look amazing, so pretty!
    Daisy Dayz

  23. Looks like an amazing Make Up Pallette!!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment! <3

    Much Love,

  24. It looks amazing!! :)

  25. This palette is so pretty! All the colors just compliment each other so nicely!
    BTW Great swatches Carrie!

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