Sunday, March 31, 2013

CoverGirl: Blast Flipstick Lipcolor

Before anything, I want to wish all of you a 

When I first started wearing makeup, I wasn't into lip products.
I hated lip gloss because it stuck to my hair and I could not get my self to wear bright lip colors. I felt like it was too much.
BUT now that I'm a little bit grown up, my makeup routine would not be complete without applying a nice lip color.

So, today (to step out of our fashion posts for a little bit), I'm going to be talking to you guys about my favorite lip stick/color that I have tried so far...

$7.98 (from Walmart)

2 lipsticks in 1 BlastFlipstick! Flip your look from day to night, soft to bright, with BlastFlipstick's double-ended lipstick duos. With a creamy shade on one side and a shimmer shade on the other, it's two wearable, blendable, lipcolors in one!

- Double-ended stick
- One shimmer, one cream shade
- Blend to create unique looks

Available in 13 shades:

1. Whisper
2. Pucker
3. Glimmer
4. Flashy
5. Vixen
6. Perky
7. Tease
8. Cheeky
9. Stunner
10. Snap
11. Smooch
12. Minx
13. Intense

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lipstick duo.
It says it's long-lasting. 
I didn't believe it at first, but when I tried it for the first time, I was super impressed.
It lasted from morning till night, through eating, drinking, talking, etc.
Aside from its beautiful long-lasting shade, it's also very moisturizing.
It doesn't have a scent, so it's great for those who are sensitive to smell.
Although it's not necessary, I choose to reapply at least once throughout the day just to keep the lip color bright and vibrant.

I got the Blast Flipstick in PUCKER.
I love the color pink, so I was super excited about this.

This is the shimmery side.
It's a light pink shade with bits of glitter on it. 

This is the creamy side.
It's a solid bright pink color with a little bit of a glossy look when applied. 

Here is a swatch of both colors individually. 
The first one is the creamy side and the second one is the shimmery side. 

Here is a swatch of both colors blended together.

I applied the creamy side first then I dabbed on the shimmer side of the lipstick on top.
You can use your fingers to blend it further, if you want.
You can see, how pretty the color is together.
It's not too "in your face" loud, but it's still pretty bright. 
You can also see the shimmer/glitter.

This is my go-to lip color on days when I don't really feel like dressing up, but I still want to look effortlessly put together. 
I'm definitely going to buy more colors. :D

Have you guys tried the CoverGirl Blast Flipstick Lipcolor? How do you like it? Which shade is your favorite?

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  1. Thats a really nice bright pink! They don't sell CoverGirl out here though :(

    Hope you had a lovely Easter :)

    Amelia xxx

    PS: Come say hello at! :) x

    1. Awh, really? Oh man. :/

      Thank you! I did! I hope you had an amazing Easter as well.

  2. I'm excited to go get some of this now!!

  3. isn't this so awesome?! i absolutely love my covergirl blast flipsticks, the colors are gorgeous! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  4. i never tried it before but i think i'll give it a chance. I really like the colour that you picked.

    x Audrey

  5. I love these! My favorites are Pucker and Vixen. <3

    - B