Friday, April 5, 2013

Let's Journey Into Fashion: White Skinnies for Spring

Happy Friday, everyone!!!
Spring break's over for me this week. :/ 
So, I'm definitely going to make the most out of this weekend because I'll be back in the library next week.

Do you guys remember my previous Let's Journey Into Fashion post?
I showed you an outfit wearing my taupe fringe sleeves top from LJIF.
For today's post, I will be showing you guys the second item that Yassy sent me: WHITE SKINNIES! 


Perfect length.
Perfect fit.
Fairly comfortable.
Easy to move around in.
Has 2 front & back pockets.
Could be a little more stretchy.
Gathers lint easily.

There was a time (I believe I was a sophomore in high school) when I was on a serious hunt for the perfect white skinny jeans.
In every store that I went into, my eyes scoured the whole place for white skinnies.
I think I bought a pair from The Gap, but I rarely wore it because it didn't fit me right. It's been sitting in my closet for who knows how long. Haha.
That's why I was super excited when I received a pair from Let's Journey Into Fashion.

These skinnies are a perfect fit!
I would like it to be a little more stretchy, but either way, it's still really easy to move around in.
I'm a pretty tall girl, so you can't imagine how excited I was to see that it was the perfect length!!!
Usually, jeans are either too short or too long for me.
The material gathers a lot of lint, so I take a mini lint remover with me all the time.
The one thing I love about white skinny jeans is that you can wear it with absolutely anything and it will still look cute. 

For this outfit, I wore my Forever 21 Hi-Low Hello Kitty button up shirt.
They were having a buy one, get one free promo for their Hello Kitty line, so I couldn't pass it up. Haha.
I'm a big Hello Kitty fan, so I really love this top.

For my shoes, I wore my super comfy CitySlips.
I LOOOOOOOOVE these flats. 
I want to buy a gazillion of these because they are so comfortable.
They're sturdy too. I've had mine for a couple of years now and they're still in good condition.
I know, you're suppose to wear these when you're feet starts to hurt in heels, but I rarely wear heels, so I just use them as regular flats. :)

You guys know how much I love to accessorize.
I wore my Forever 21 clip-on earrings. These are so cute, but they get really uncomfortable after a while. :/
I also wore my LOVE necklace from an etsy shop called Lemon Sweet by Leslie Hall.
For my arm candy, I have on my white Geneva watch, Ralph Lauren bracelet, orange leather wrap bracelet, pink and gold bangles, and a teal beaded bracelet. 

Forever 21 Hello Kitty top | LJIF white skinny jeans | CitySlips gold flats | Forever 21 emerald clip-on earrings | Lemon Sweet LOVE necklace | Geneva watch | Ralph Lauren bracelet | Orange leather wrap bracelet | Pink & gold bangles | Teal beaded bracelet

On my nails:

- Kleancolor Nail Lacquer in Matte finish "Winter Waltz"
- Milani's "Black Magic"  
- Sinful Colors's "Flower Girl" glitter nail art

What is the newest addition to your wardrobe? What's your Spring must have?

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  1. nail art is so nice!! also in Italy I'm waiting for Spring, it's so cold now!
    kiss, Ecchi

    1. Thank you so much! It's actually getting warmer here in Los Angeles. Hang in there! :D

  2. Love how you styled your blouse.

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post 'From a Skirt to a Dress'.


  3. Cute cute cute skinnies!! I've wanted white jeans for the longest time! The newest addition to my wardrobe is a gorgeous navy blue lace dress that I'm in love with!!! :) Oh and btw, thanks soo much for the sweet comment you left about my last week's outfit, for Easter, when I wore the lace dress. :)


    1. Oh my, that dress was absolutely beautiful! :D

  4. This outfit is amazing!

    I really need a pair of white skinny jeans!

    I love your blog, :)

    Jade xx

    1. Thank you so much! I think everyone needs at least one pair. :D

  5. Love you shirt! So pretty!
    Wanna follow each others blogs on GFC and BLOGLOVIN? Let me know!
    Kisses, Gabi

  6. those jeans look amazing on you, carrie! i actually don't have white jeans, so now i'm adding that to my list. ;)

    <3, Mimi
    Win a pair of Saltwater Sandals!

  7. I Love! You inspired me to get some white skinnys!

  8. Perfect choice! I especially love the white skinny jeans.


  9. I love white jeans, but they make my legs look all fat and stumpy :(


    1. That's exactly what I though too when I wore my first ever white jeans, but then the more I started wearing it more and more, it grew on me. :D give it a try!

  10. perfect combination! the white jeans is really great and the shirt is super cute!

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  12. love the way you wore these! :D Great blog, new reader here! (: If you'd like to follow each other on Bloglovin, just let me know! (;

    Cindy C.

  13. Oh,super cool post,very interesting:)Your blog is a great place:)
    Would you like to follow each other?Just let me know,if you enjoy my blog of course:)
    xoxo Vesi from Bulgaria :)

  14. It is great style, awesome colors.I like mens leather jackets, as they are stylish, cool and very useful. I can find many fashionable jackets

  15. I'm not really a Hello Kitty fan, but the white jeans are rockin! :)

    - B