Monday, March 11, 2013

Let's Journey Into Fashion: Fringe Sleeves Top

Yassy started Let's Journey Into Fashion, or LJIF, in 2011. 
LJIF is an online retail store located in Florida. 
They feature many of Yassy's own designs. Isn't that cool?
They have absolutely anything you would want -- tops, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, accessories, even prom dresses (long & short).
And the best part? Yes, you guessed it! The prices are not heavy on the wallet. ;)

"If I can motivate, empower, and uplift just one woman a day, then my goal will have been met. That is what keeps me going."
~ Yassy 


Chiffon material.
Light and airy.
Fringe sleeves trend.
Slate/Taupe color.
Long hemline.
Round neck.
Drawstring tie.
Loose fit.

The Slate/Taupe Fringe Sleeve Chiffon Top is one of the items that Yassy sent me. 
I am absolutely in love with this top!!!
I feel like Pocahontas when I wear it. Must be from the fringe sleeves. Haha.
I love how airy it is. It's the perfect top to wear on days when the weather isn't too cold nor too hot.
The fit is also perfect. I prefer loose tops over tight ones so I love this.
I like that it's long. It covers my bum when I wear leggings.
When the wind blows, you can see the fringes blowing. It's really pretty.
This is top is UNIQUE all around!!!

For my shoes, I wore my brown leather riding boots from Go Jane
I slipped in white leg warmers for more warmth (since I did wear it on a somewhat cold day) and also, to add a bit of "pop" to the outfit.

For accessories, I wore a gold braided headband that I got from Forever 21. 
My earrings are from a local boutique. 
Of course, I have my white Geneva watch.
And for color, I stacked some orange and teal bracelets that I purchased from H&M. 

LJIF Fringe Sleeves Top | Rue 21 Black leggings | DIY White Leg Warmers | Go Jane Brown Leather Riding boots | Forever 21 Gold Braided headband | Gold Oval Earrings | Geneva watch | H&M Colorful Stacked bracelets

I change my nails every week, and I got to say that I'm pretty addicted to doing nail art. :D

On my nails, I'm wearing:

- Maybelline Express Finish in "WD219" (thumb & pinky finger)
- O.P.I's "Curry Up Don't Be Late!" with Sinful Colors Nail Art "Flower Girl" glitter ombré (index & ring finger)
- Anise Professional Nail Color with black cross nail bead studs (middle finger)

This is top is my newest favorite piece in my wardrobe. 
I have a feeling I'll be wearing it non-stop once the weather starts to get a little bit warmer.

I hope you guys enjoyed this fashion post! 
Any thoughts? What's your take on fringe sleeve tops?

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  1. Love that top!

  2. your nails are amazing

    1. Thank you so much. I worked hard on it. LOL.

  3. what a unique pretty top!

    cute nails ;)

  4. Very interesting top!
    Have a nice day!

  5. Very interesting and unique top. Looking great!

  6. I am really into shirts or dresses that have long slits in them, but still wrap all the way around at the wrist! It just looks so elegant and fun! I absolutely LOVE your outfit here, Carrie! Super cute. :)


  7. Beautiful top! I adore the way you paired it! Get outfit Carrie!

  8. The fringe sleeves scream unique! I also love those nails, girl. ;)

    - B