Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This or That Tag!

I was tagged by LinLin and Bree to this tag:D Make sure to go and check out her blog!

Let's get started shall we...


blusher or bronzer - mmm, blusher
lip gloss or lip stick - lipstick
eye liner or mascara - mascara
foudation or concealer - concealer, straight up
neutral or colour eye shadow - i'm gonna have to with neutral
pressed or loose eye shadow - pressed, forsure.
brushes or sponges - brushes


opi or china glaze - I haven't tried china glaze, so I'd say OPI.
long or short - definitely short!
acrylic or natural - natural
brights or darks - uhm, darks


perfume or body splash - perfume
lotion or body butter - body butter
body wash or soap - body wash
lush or other bath company - lush


jeans or sweat pants - jeans
long sleeve or short - short
dresses or skirts - dresses
stripes or plaid - plaid
flip flops or sandals - sandals
scarves or hats - scarves
studs or dangly earrings - I don't really wear earrings but I'd choose studs.
necklaces or bracelets - necklaces
heels or flats - flats
cowboy boots or riding boots - riding boots
jacket or hoodie - hoodie


curly or straight - i like my hair when it's curly.
bun or ponytail - (messy) bun
bobby pins or butterfly clips - butterfly clips sounds really cute. :)
hair spray or gel - hairspray
long or short - long
light or dark - dark :)
side sweep bands or full bands - sideswept, all the way
up or down - I prefer it down.


rain or shine - shine. rain when i'm just in the house.
summer or winter - winter :)
autumn or spring - i love spring.
chocolate or vanilla - CHOCOLATE!

I am tagging:



Have a lovely weekend!


  1. ur welcome girly :D
    don't you just love this or that tags?!


  2. Oh how fun!!! Thank you:) Ill have to get to this soon.....:) Really fun!!

    Statements in Fashion

  3. Thanks for the tag! This is so fun! I'll definitely be doing this on my blog sometime!

  4. It's always so much fun to reas tags :)

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  6. @Bree: aw, of course. it's very fun to do.

    @Collette: you're welcome!

    @ScientificHousewife: haha. go ahead.

    @Staley: you're very welcome.

    @Judith: haha. thanks.

    @Lindsay: i say you do it too.

    @"L": thank you.

    @edk.dolce: thanks.

  7. I love that tag....Thanks sweetie for tagging me ...I am going to do it next week:)
    hugs and kisses:)

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet jewelry GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in!!!

  8. isn't this such a fun tag to do? i did this a couple of weeks ago too. :D

    <3, Mimi

  9. @Diana: you're welcome.

    @Mimi: haha. yupp. definitely.

  10. Hi Carrie! Thanks for the tag..sorry I am now just seeing this. I haven't been on in awhile! This looks like fun!!

    Thanks! Have a great day!