Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Karate Kid

I recently just got to watching Karate Kid with my sister. I know it's pretty late since it came out on June 11. But it's Labor Day weekend and we were both free, so we decided to go to the movies.
Anyways, I've been wanting to watch it ever since. And trust me, it did not dissapoint. It's such a good story and it kept me interested throughout the entire movie.

We all know the storyline, right?

Jaden Smith plays a young boy, Dre Parker, who moves to China with his mom. He feels lost and unhappy there, and to add to it, he makes an enemy. Mr. Han, played by Jackie Chan, is the maintenance guy but is secretly a kung fu master. He sees Dre getting beat up so he decides to train him and teach him "real" kung fu after they were challenged to a Kung Fu tournament by a famous Kung Fu master, Master Li.

It felt like I was China. The view and the sight was great in this movie! It made me want to go to China.

Jackie Chan is truly the best. haha. I love him especially in Rush Hour:D

This scene was my favorite part of the movie!

Mei-Ying is Dre's love interest. They were actually pretty cute together, even though they're too young! haha.

The tournament was really insane. I felt so bad for Dre! But in the end, he wins. So it's all good.


Did you guys watch Karate Kid? What did you think?


  1. I really liked this movie too! and just like you, I wanted to travel to China once it was over! Jaden Smith is adorable. a mini Will Smith for sure!

  2. I really like it, but after seeing it more then 5 times with little brother, it got boring, but i still like it, Jade has lots of potential :)

  3. I haven't seen it, but I definitely want to now! ;D

  4. I really liked this movie when I saw it! It was pretty awesome to me. hahah

  5. i saw this too, and i loved it! jackie chan is simply the best, love him! he was really good, especially in that emotional scene, sooo good! jayden smith has a lot of potential! :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. I absolutely love this move. I saw this movie 3x and I cried every time. =)

  7. @D: hahahha. i knoow! the sites were just amazing.

    @Anielii: wow, that's funny. kids definitely enjoyed it alot more.

    @Bree: you should.

    @Leenda: same here.

    @Mimi: i agree. you'll see a different side of jackie chan in this movie. although i really like his funny side in rush hour.

    @Chinkygirlmel: hahhaa.

  8. I love this movie. its cute LOL

  9. Haven't seen this but I will when it comes out on Netflix!:D

    That kid is good, just like the dad. Might be even better.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  10. I watch it a while ago and I thik its awesome. Haha Jaden is so cute although I heard hes kind of arrogant.

  11. That kid is so cute! I have not seen it yet, but I want too :)

  12. I watched this movie as soon as it got released. I was in love with Jaden from "The pursuit of happiness", he`s so cute.xx

  13. @Rinz: i agree.

    @Marie: yepp. i think he's gonna be the next big thing. haha.

    @Angela: hahaha. he's dad's a moviestar. of course he's gonna be arrogant. :D

    @Sara: you really should.

    @ARA: omg, i know. he was really cute in that movie. although it was really sad. it made me cry.

  14. I watched it today, in fact. On my way home from China!

  15. @Kristin: oh really? that's so cool.