Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2011 Teen Choice Awards: HATE IT!

Before you continue to read on, make sure that you've seen my LOVE IT post first.
here to see it. :]

In my previous post, I showed you guys my favorite Blue Carpet Looks at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. I had fun reading all your comments and hearing your different opinions on them.

In this post, I want to show you guys the looks that I really didn't connect with. Or in shorter words, this is my HATE IT post. Some of these looks aren't really ugly, there was just something about them that I didn't like, while the other looks definitely have a "WTF" factor.

See for yourself and tell me what YOU think!


Zoe Saldana

I always look forward to what she wears on awards show, so I must admit that I was a little disappointed when she showed up in this.
I mean the dress is not too bad but the belt threw the whole look off.
It doesn't match her dress at all nor her shoes.

Regardless, I still love her style.


Ashley Greene

When I saw this on the Blue Carpet, I really didn't like it!
There's something about this look that's really off.
She should've gone with the traditional mini dress with cute pumps.

She looks like she's going to an office meeting.


Nikki Reed

I HATE IT! Why would she wear this?!
I don't even know what to say. :/


Kourtney Kardashian

Okay, so I love the color. I love her shoes. I love how she did her hair and makeup, simple and clean. But I HATE her dress. It looks like she's wearing a curtain with a garter to hold it up. The fit does not look good on her.


Zooey Deschanel

Yeah, I HATE this too.
She's so pretty though. The dress was just too grandma-ish for me.
And her hair looks weird.


Raven Symone

Let me start by saying that I love Raven. I think she's hilarious.
I used to always watch her show on Disney, That so Raven. :D

I don't HATE this, but I don't like it either. She needs to start flaunting her new body. Like seriously, she looks healthy and beautiful and she needs to feel confident about that.


Katie Leclerc

I love her on Switched at Birth! She such an amazing actress. Being deaf and being able to talk, read lips, and sign at the same time. WOW! She's actually the reason why I'm starting to learn ASL. :P

I think this dress washes her out. I like the style though. But a different color would've been better.


Tyra Banks

This totally a "WTF". What is she doing?
She looks like a wannabe catwoman. Man, what's happening to the world!

Any thoughts? Share them with me below. :D

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~Quentin Crisp

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  1. Love your blog!

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  2. Ew, Tyra! Nooooo. So unflattering! I don't like Ashley Greene's outfit either. Unless she was going to work in an office ; )

  3. I agree with you on ALL of these, seriously! Bad!


  4. WOWOWOW These are all not so hot and what is Tyra doing in that leather jumpsuit capri length getup? Yikes! I think of all the looks the least bad is Zooey's look, but the rest I have to say were not good picks for this occasion!

  5. What was Ashley Greene thinking?! Ew. Hate it. But I have to admit, i love Kourtney Kardashian's look! Think it's super chic and love the bold color. Xx

  6. @Zizi: Thanks for stopping by!

    @Marie: I know right?! OMG.

    @Rachel: Thanks. :D

    @B.Inspired: HAHAHAHA. :]

    @Julie&Lauren: I love the color too. Just not the fit.

  7. i hated nikki's dress, it looks so old on her! plus, wat was tyra thinking??? haha

  8. @MissIndependent: I know right!

  9. pretty ladies. xo

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  10. Totally see where you're coming from, especially Ashley Greene, I love her, and she's gorgeous, but you're right, it just looks off :/

  11. @Devorelebeaumonstre: :D

    @Michelle: Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Yeah I agree with you on all these!

  13. I agree with you on the Tyra (well others also)...but that one was a bit terrible coming from her that is a model. Anyway, I loved the Blake Lively dress =D

  14. I'm with you on most of these... Ashley Greene doesn't even look dressed up, and does Tyra think she's catwoman?

  15. Just found your blog, I love this post and totally agree with you on all of these. Wow, Tyra looks horrible and I agree, Kourtney's dress color is totally pretty but that would only look good on a 8 month preggers Kourtney. You're definitely right about the rest too, Zoe's dress was not cute.

    Following you now
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  16. @Pink: Thanks.

    @Carolina: I know right!

    @Blue: hahahahaha. ;]

    @Dale: Yay! thanks for stopping by. :D

  17. Hey Gurl,
    Has everyone fired their stylist, what on earth is happening to celebs. I swear they have all this money and don't know what to do with it, so they dress bad deliberately. Don't get me started OK!!!
    But I agree with you on everything. By the way thanks for following back, don't you hate it when you follow someone and they don't return the favor. I'm just ranting.LOL.

    Lisa XXOO

  18. HAHA hilarious! :]
    I agree!
    Seriously Tyra Banks, you're a model!

    xoxo, Bree

  19. okay, honestly, what's up with tyra's outfit?!

    <3, Mimi

  20. @Lisa: I totally agree. I hate that. It's like uh, seriously?


  21. Oh Tyra you look like a wanna be super hero 8(

  22. @Tyra: HAHAHAHA! That's too funny.

  23. Tyra was just.. wow.

    ***** Marie *****