Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting Ready: PROM Hair

Ah, guys!!! It's official. PROM is this Saturday.
I seriously cannot wait. But I need your guys' help with one thing -- A HAIRSTYLE
I want an updo just because it's a special occasion and it's the only time I'd actually get an updo.
Plus, my dress is open back so I don't want my hair to cover it.
I'm going for an OLD HOLLYWOOD LOOK.

I found 3 hairstyles that I really like.
They look pretty simple to do. I just can't decide which one I want.
Will you guys help me?

Skip to 4:46 for the finished look.

"Twist and Pull" Updo

This is the first look.
It looks more like a side bun.
I love her technique on how to make the bun. It's soooo cool.
I won't be adding a flower hair pin though.

Skip to 0:08 to 0:12.

Braided Updo

This one look really really pretty!
I love the braid that goes down all the way.
I also like the texture. There's something very elegant about it.

Skip to 0:04 to 0:10.

The "Faux Bob" Look

This one screams Old Hollywood don't you think?
I just love this hairstyle.
First off, it's simple to do. Just pin here, pin there.
And it goes perfect with the look I'm going for.

I really like the last look. But I also like the first 2 hairstyles.
I'm torn!!! Help?

What do you guys think? Which one should I do?

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  1. i love braided updos, but i'm terrible at braiding my own hair! lol

  2. The braided updo! It looks gorgeous!

  3. they´re all looking great, but i would take the first one :)

    lovely greetings,

  4. I LOVE the braided updo!!

    Love always,

  5. The second and third ones are my favorite!

  6. GO FOR THE 3RD ONE!!!!!!!! I don't like the 2nd one at all, but the 3rd one is the best choice, in my opinion. :)


  7. I love braids so naturally the 2nd one!!! It's super elegant and adds a bit of diva to your hairstyle~

  8. The last one is gorgeous! You are going to look amazing in any of them though! Have fun and be safe!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. wow these looks are ALL beautiful in my opinion. i think they all sort of feel retro inspired, i guess since women used to do so much to their hair even daily, and these all look like looks which could have been worn in the 40s or something. i think the middle one is my favorite, too bad i am so bad with hair that these tutorials would barely help me! i think you should do the 2nd look! i hope you have a great time at PROM!

    xx rae

    pop by if you like, and if you enjoy what you see we can follow each other :)

  10. Aah, super exciting! Mine is tonight!!! I thought of going for an updo too, but my dress is strapless so i'm going for long waves/curls with braids. Have fun tomorrow, carrie!

    --Olivia :)

  11. pretty hairstyles! personally, my favorite is the second one. i am obsessed with braids, haha! but if you're going for an old hollywood feel, the last one is perfect. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  12. I love the the second one!

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  13. I love it!!


  14. They're all beautiful to me! Which was did you end up doing? ;)

    Lots of love, B
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  15. sooo pretty!!! def gonna do one of these for my prom nest week :D

  16. Good video,thanks for sharing.
    I can resist everything except beats by dr dre

  17. I love the second hair style
    It definitely looks really pretty and feminine
    Love from Indonesia :)

    ♥ sugarpuff ♥
    Pinkie Anggia

  18. Oh, I love all of them. I did the faux bob for my wedding and loved much fun but I'm kind of in love with the second one for prom :)I'm hosting another giveaway for eShakti thought you would be interested :)